Dog washing station ideas – a practical necessity for the home

by Kremy

dog washing station ideas laundry room mudroom remodel

Dog washing station ideas will come very useful for people who love their pets but want to prevent muddy paw prints on the floor or on the carpet. Dogs are a very important part of the family. They bring happiness, children love their four pawed friends, but do not forget that they also have their needs and one of the most basic needs is to bathe.

home dog washing station ideas laundy room shower


Yes, your favorite pet needs a bathroom of his own. You wouldn’t want a stinky pet, would you? We will show you some wonderful ideas for home dog washing stations which can be done without much expense. The laundry room or the mudroom are the perfect place to arrange dog washing stations as they are designed to deal with moist and can handle water splashes.

Dog washing station ideas – where to place a home pet shower?

outdoor dog washing station shower ideas garden shower

While many people prefer an outdoor dog shower, this is only possible in summer time or in climates with hot weather. An outdoor dog shower station needs to be equipped with a handles shower, a sprinkler and of course, you need to make sure that there is a clean path on the way inside so that your pet enters the home without getting dirty after being washed. You can opt for a portable bathtub which is suitable for both outdoor and indoor.

station ideas shower laundry room

However, in bad weather, washing the pet outdoors is not an option and then you may start thinking for a home dog shower station. It is true that puppies and small dogs need a large sink and a sprayer, but if your pet is beyond the puppy age, a suitable station will ease your life tremendously. You can buy a professional bathing station as they are equipped with a ladder or a ramp or with a little remodel you can incorporate a shower or a bathtub for dogs, if you prefer, in the basement, mudroom or laundry room.

Dog washing station ideas – useful tips for planning and equipment

home dog washing station ideas shower laundry room

Whether you put your dog washing station in the basement of your home, in the laundry room or the mudroom, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind. Planning the spot for the dog shower is essential. It is best if you use existing plumbing. Check out and measure carefully if the available space is big enough to accommodate a bathtub or a shower for dogs. A shelf or a cabinet for soaps, shampoos and towels is a necessity so you need to think about that too. In a limited space, an overhead shower rack is a good space saving solution.

station ideas shower laundry room design

Make sure that the floor is waterproof, that means you shall need tiles and the same applies for the walls. Waterproofing the floor and walls of the wash area will save you from water damage. You know that dogs shake off the water after being washed and the whole place gets wet. The drain of the dog washing station has to handle not only water but hair so you need a bigger drain and a hair filter over the drain.

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A bathtub or a basin is a convenient solution for small or mid-sized dogs. There are elevated models which will be more convenient for you as you will not have to bend or knee. Some models can be mounted on a pedestal or on the floor and the choice will depend on the size of your pet and the available space for wash basin. A dog shower does not differ from a standard shower. Use a handled showerhead or a sprayer.

Dog wash station accessories – make the dog washing area comfortable

dog washing station shower ideas home washing stations

You can design the simplest dog washing station or you can take a step further and add some small, but useful details which will be convenient for both your pet and yourself. A rubber bath at the bottom of the wash area will prevent slipping and sliding. You can buy a special stay-n-wash-dog keeper, a padded mat in front of the wet area. Soaps and pet shampoos are a must as well as towels. There are special absorbent pet towels which absorb much more water than the usual towels.

outdoor dog washing station shower ideas

dog washing station shower ideas bathtub

dog washing station bathtub ideas outdoor

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home dog washing station shower mudroom

home dog washing station ideas bathtub laundry room design

home dog washing station ideas shower bathtub

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dog washing station ideas bathtub shower

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