Basement laundry room ideas and furniture tips

by Kremy

basement laundry room ideas white cabinets farmhouse sink wood countertop

There are numerous basement laundry room ideas which feature different designs, different layout, different color choices but all of them have something in common – comfort and convenience. When you want to organize a laundry room in the basement, you need to make it functional, light and uncluttered in order to keep all you need at hand and find it quickly.

Basement laundry room ideas – storage cabinets and shelving

basement laundry room blue wall color white cabinets shelves


Browsing through the laundry ideas you may like one or another but there are certain things you need to keep in mind. The basement is an additional space in the house, where people often gather unnecessary things. You can take advantage of create basement bathroom designs or arrange a stylish laundry room, equipped with all necessary things which you need – retractable ironing boards, boxes for detergents, laundry baskets, shelves for sorting the laundry, drying cabinets – that will always save time. Carefully consider the available space for your laundry room and what you want to have in there. Sometimes the basement accommodates a family room or a playroom, so you need to combine different functional areas and small basement ideas come really handy in such cases. Stackable washer and dryer will be a good idea if you want to save space, as such layout will leave more counter space and more room for storage cabinets and shelves.

Laundry rooms design – colors and lighting

basement apron sink black white checkerboard flooring

Having in mind that the basement of the house is a place with a limited flow of natural light, you need to consider a good lighting for the laundry. Whether recessed lights, a chandelier or other type of lighting – make sure the room is well lit. In addition, you can add style with the right choice of lighting fixtures. Choosing the color scheme will depend on the taste of every homeowner. However, it is recommended that you stick to light and neutral color palettes which will make your laundry room look lighter and more welcoming. Check the laundry ideas in the gallery below and use them as an inspiration to organize your basement in a fantastic way!

small basement white cabinets shelves

basement laundry room basement remodel storage

modern laundry remodel cabients ideas

Basement-laundry-room-ideas-basement remodel ideas laundry cabinets

contemporary-Basement-laundry-room-ideas-gray wall color wood cabinets

modern laundry design basement remodel

Basement renovation laundry wood cabinets countertop

Basement-laundry-room-ideas-under cabinet lighting cabinets tile backsplash

Basement-laundry-room-ideas-tile floor lighting countertop

Basement-laundry-room-ideas-storage cabinets shelves

storage cabinets recessed lighting

basement-laundry-room-ideas-neutral color palette

laundry room design farmhouse sink

laundry room cabinets apron sink

gray wall color white cabinets photo wall

countertop space shelves large sink baskets

birch wood cabinets tile floor recessed lights



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