Summer Nails 2022: These Nail Designs Are Very Trendy This Summer!

by Kremy

Long days at the beach, wild party nights and airy outfits – we love summer! And what is the best way to capture the good mood of the wonderful summer months? With a chic and colorful manicure to match our new skirts and dresses, of course! This year we’re craving a little bit of everything and summer nails 2022 are more exciting and versatile than ever. Whether simple nude colors, timeless baby boomer nails or playful and fun patterns – the nail trends for summer 2022 have something to offer for every taste and style! Whether you have a nail salon appointment or have become a DIY manicure master over the past year, here are the coolest nail designs of the season.

Summer Nails 2022: Thermal Nail Polish Is Trendy

what is thermal nail polish

We have known Ombre as a hairstyle trend for years and the gentle color gradient is landing on our nails this season. Thermal nail polish is THE nail trend for summer 2022 and our hands would be inconceivable without it. Just imagine this: you painted your nails pink, then you wash your hands and suddenly the nail polish turns purple. Pretty cool, right? Depending on the temperature, the thermal nail polish changes its color and is therefore perfect for anyone who wants to attract attention with their summer nails 2022.

Thermal nail polish summer nails 2022 trends


When it comes to color combinations, the sky is the limit. Whether pink to purple, green to blue or red to white – absolutely everything is possible! Why we love the nail trend? You can quickly and easily achieve the cool look at home and the application is as easy as applying a classic nail polish. Thermal nail polishes in all imaginable nuances are now available both online and in most drugstores.

Deconstructed French Manicure

French Nails Trends Summer 2022

Simple, noble and super elegant – French nails are much more than just a fashion trend and will probably never go out of style. Whether minimalist, with glitter or colorful and playful – the classic can now be seen in all imaginable variations and is constantly being reinterpreted. Summer nails 2022 are no exception and deconstructed French manicure is celebrated as THE summer nail trend. The idea here is to combine the classic manicure with abstract elements and lines. So you can let your imagination run wild and create a unique look that will draw everyone’s attention.

french manicure ideas summer nails 2022

Although the base of deconstructed French manicure tends to remain the same, the French tips are not worn as a straight line, but rather as if they are running down the nails. The nail trend looks particularly summery with colors like pink, orange, light blue or yellow. Since the lines don’t have to be as precise as this, you can imitate the trendy look yourself at home.

Color Block Nails as Nail Trend 2022

Nail Polish Color Trends Summer 2022

Summer nails 2022 is all about color, creativity and good mood! Bright, colorful and super fresh – color blocking as a fashion trend has already taken our wardrobes by storm and is also gracing our nails this season. It doesn’t always have to be complicated nail designs – the bright colors are a real eye-catcher and provide a cheerful touch. Whether pink, yellow, orange or purple – there are absolutely no limits to your creativity and the colors can be combined as you wish. Simply choose two or three (or even more) contrasting shades and paint your nails with them.

Baby Boomer Nails for an Elegant Look

elegant summer manicure 2022 baby boomer nail trend

Loud nuances are too conspicuous for you and you prefer simple nail designs? Summer nails 2022 have something to offer you too! Baby boomer nails were a huge hit last year and are making a big comeback this summer. The gentle color gradient from pink to white ensures a very natural and extremely feminine look.

Baby Boomer Nails Summer 2022 trends

Are you getting married soon and are you looking for the most beautiful wedding nail ideas? Try baby boomer nails! To add a glamorous touch to the look, complement the nail design with some glitter or rhinestones.

Summer Nails 2022: Fresh Fruit for a Fun Nail Design

Strawberry Nail Design Summer manicure 2022 Trends

It is well known that summer time is fruit time. You love strawberries, watermelons, cherries, etc. and can’t get enough of them? So why not conjure up the sweet little fruits as a manicure? Such a look undoubtedly puts you in a good mood and the playful summer nails 2022 are definitely a real eye-catcher.

Nail sticker trends short nails summer 2022

Okay, but who can draw strawberries? Unfortunately we don’t. In that case, the good old nail stickers will help you. These can now be found everywhere and in all imaginable motifs and are an excellent opportunity to give our summer nails 2022 a cool upgrade in just a few minutes.

Nude Nails Are Still In Trend

elegant nail designs for short nails summer 2022

While this may go against everything we’ve told you about summer nails 2022 so far, nude nails are all the rage this season! The nail trend not only looks super classy, but is also by far the simplest. Cream and neutral tones radiate a special elegance and are perfect for anyone who prefers things to be unobtrusive and reserved. And if the nail trend is too boring for you, you can always add a modern, summery touch with small details. How about a touch of glitter or hearts, for example? The result is a feminine nail design that makes your fingernails shine in a subtle way.

Summer Nails 2022: An Overview of a Few More Cool Ideas

elegant nail designs summer 2022

Colorful French Nails as a Nail Trend in Summer 2022

nail polish colors trends summer 2022

Moon Nail Designs in Rich Colors Create an Elegant Look

trendy short nail ideas

Playful Patterns on the Nails Make a Cool Statement

Indie manicure Summer 2022 Trend

Summer Nails 2022 Are All About Experiments

Dopamine nails summer 2022 trends

Soft Pastel Nuances Will Remain the Summer Nail Trend

summer 2022 trends Manicure for short nails

Experiment with Different Shades and Patterns to Create a Unique Look

gel nail trends summer 2022

Fruit Motifs as a Nail Trend Are Real Mood Lifters

Summer Manicure ideas Watermelon Nail Design

French Nails Are Getting a Colorful Upgrade This Summer

French manicure Nail Design Trends Summer 2022

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