The ultimate modern sofa design – MyWorld by Philippe Starck

by Kremy

Luxury and comfortable lounge system by Philippe Starck

Have you ever considered the idea of working at home but you haven’t got enough space to organize a home office? Look at the brilliant idea of French designer Philippe Starck who has found an excellent way to incorporate everything from your workspace into a lush lounge system. MyWorld is a modern sofa design and gives the opportunity to stay connected while we relax.

High technology and modern sofa design

Philippe Starck MyWorld sofa with storage space options


It may seem that high technology and modern sofa design are two things that are diametrically opposite. The collaboration between Philippe Starck and Italian manifacturer Cassina has proven quite the contrary. MyWorld is a modular seating system offering a comfortable seating along with a hi-tech system. It links us with the cyber world at any time. MyWorld is fully equipped with a USB charger, an electrical socket, a Duracell Powermat wireless charger so that the user could have his devices charged in a discrete way and a side lamp with hidden power outlets. Storage space is not forgotten either so that books, files or mobile devices could be neatly stored.

Italian quality and perfect taste in this modern sofa design

innovative comfortable sofa MyWorld Cassina Philippe Starck

The best thing about this modern sofa design is the fact that this ultra modern high tech system can be customized as per your own taste and home interior. It comes in several designs so you could chose from a chaise lounge, a two or three seater couch, a large cushioned seat with two large drawers and an ottoman. Each piece is upholstered in removable fabric and if you are a fan of leather sofas – your taste will be satisfied too. MyWorld is offered in five different finishes and with an option for additional padding so you could have the most comfort while you relax or work.

MyWorld modern lounge system side table comortable seating

 The side table is great for reading a book or a newspaper

MyWorld contemporary sofa design by Philippe Starck side table lamp


 The sofa can be upholstered in fabric or leather

leather upholstery sofa design Philippe Starck MyWorld Cassina

  All your devices can be charged at all time

contemporary furniture design sofa with built in power chargers

 The device charger is discretely hidden into a drawer

cassina modern sofa myworld by philippe starck device charger

The sofa will fit in any home interior

MyWorld Philippe Starck creative furniture ideas

Working or relaxing – you will do it in comfort

MyWorld Philippe Starck lounge system home office

Italian furniture quality modern sofa design Philippe Starck MyWorld Cassina

contemporary lounge system Philippe Starck MyWorld Cassina

modern sofa side table storage space Philippe Starck MyWorld quality furniture


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