Shipping container homes – a new eco-friendly lifestyle

by Kremy

shipping container homes studio ht design

Until very recently most people would instantly think of a huge cargo ship when they hear the word “container”. This all changed with the trend of green architecture when it turned to the millions of empty containers around the world to exploit them in a new and creative way and build cozy, eco-friendly and low cost shipping container homes .

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With the invention of modern container architecture new, amazing architectural possibilities were discovered and shipping container homes become more and more popular. The modern shipping container was invented 50 years ago and used primarily for the shipment of goods. Later, the architects found that the container is ideal and easy to build with. Today, we can see vacation rentals, amazing condos, offices or efficient house extensions built from shipping containers. Modern container architecture transforms the cheap transport container into a stylish and luxurious building.

creative container homes crossbox by cg architects France

Adaptive, stylish, creative, eco-friendly, and easy to build – this is what we can say about the shipping container houses. The modern container architecture combines all that, it is very easy to adapt a container to luxury, but how can a container be luxurious? In fact, these containers are the building blocks of the building or LEGO blocks for adults, if you like. They allow you to expand the boundaries of your imagination. Modern container architecture gives us the unique opportunity to create beautiful homes that embody our own vision and understanding of life. You may think it is uncomfortable or boring but modern container architecture is all about comfort. A container can be adapted to the needs of each customer. They can easily be stacked together, creating comfortable and wide living spaces. The combinations are endless.

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