Piamo – the fastest microwave espresso maker for coffee lovers

Written by Kremena Ruseva

Piamo the smallest microwave maker in the office

Are you a coffee lover? Do you enjoy the aroma and taste of it? For most of us this is how the day starts – with a cup of coffee. Either at home or in the office – a good strong espresso is what we all need. But in the usual morning haste not many of us have the time to enjoy the perfect cup and if we have to be honest, not many companies are equipped with coffee machines and this is why a cup of instant coffee is the best you can get. Well, not any more! German inventors Christoph and Hendrik Meyl have had same problems and they have come up with the idea for a fantastic microwave espresso maker called Piamo. With the help of LUNAR the smallest espresso machine was created.

 Piamo – a single-cup microwave espresso maker that saves time

 Piamo coffee maker LUNAR compact and easy to use

You no longer need an expensive machine for your coffee. You no longer need to put up with some weird mixtures from the machine near the elevator in your office building. Because you can have your personal microwave espresso maker and enjoy a good quality anywhere. The idea for a coffee in the microwave is not new but this one does work! And it can’t be easier – all it takes is 30 seconds. How about that!

Piamo – a compact design microwave espresso maker

 piamo microwave espresso maker cup and container

This amazing microwave espresso maker has a very simple and compact design and combines a coffee cup and a coffee maker. It is made of food-safe plastic and consists of a cup, a water chamber, a filter inlay and a filter cap. To have the perfect coffee you need to simply add water, insert an espresso pad or ground coffee, attach the filter to the cup and place it in the microwave for 30 seconds. And that’s it! The pressure of the steam forces the water through the coffee and you have your cup ready in seconds. Piamo is just great for all the coffee lovers and they can enjoy a fresh made espresso anywhere – in the office or even when travelling.


piamo LUNAR compact design microwave espresso maker

 A single serve coffee maker

Piamo microwave maker compact design

 It takes 30 seconds to have a perfect espresso

Piamo maker microwave thirty seconds

Four easy steps for a good cup

Piamo espresso maker easy steps for a good

 All parts can be washed in a dishwasher

Piamo maker food safe plastic parts

 Piamo is the best present for coffee lovers

LUNAR Piamo fastest coffee maker for microwave


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