50 Small bathroom decoration ideas – photo wallpaper as wall decor

by Kremy

amazing bathroom photo wallpaper ideas small bathroom decoration waterfallh

Small bathrooms are always a big challenge – they need a careful planning and efforts to find suitable space-saving furniture, to select tiles or wall paint and so many other issues that decoration is completely overlooked. Many people want to try something original when decorating their bathrooms and painting and tiling are not quite inspiring to them.

bathroom decor ideas small bathroom decoration photo wallpaper ideas red rose


We will show you 50 fantastic small bathroom decoration ideas with wonderful photo wallpapers, which create amazing optical illusions. Photo wallpapers are available in a plethora of colors, patterns, and textures and will add the style that you want.

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awesome bathroom designs bathroom decoration photo wallpaper under water coral reef

The creative small bathroom decoration ideas in the gallery will show you how to use photo wallpapers and mirrors to make a tiny place look bigger. With a mirror and photo wallpaper with natural patterns an effective optical illusion can be created and you can observe your dream vacation tropical island, for example, while taking a shower or a bath.

small bathroom decor ideas photo wallpaper blue sky

Beautiful lagoons, beaches and waterfalls or images of flowing water are among the most popular choices as they relax the eyes and senses and provide a comfortable atmosphere. Wall and floor tiles in warm colors create the perfect background and the wallpaper stands out. Accessories in accent colors will add the finishing touches to the interior.


small bathroom decor ideas photo wallpaper stones orchids

The bathroom is one of those intimate spaces where we can relax after the hustle and bustle of the working day. A photo wallpaper for the bathroom with an interesting design is able to transform a functional space into a beautiful relaxation room.


Bathroom design ideas wall decor mountain panorama

Photo wallpapers are a good option, a quick and inexpensive way to change the interior design of the bathroom. Looking at the small bathroom decorations ideas you will see how a the appearance can be transformed in just a few hours and you can have a custom decoration as per your personal taste.


cool bathroom ideas small bathroom decoration ideas photo wallpaper train line

Bathroom wallpapers are water-resistant and will last for quite a long time. They can be installed behind the bathtub or on the wall in the shower cabin, if you have no free wall. Bright cheerful colors always cheer up, and the choice of certain images will visually enlarge the space. Especially in a small area, the illusion of depth and width is important for a good impression. Flowers, landscapes, mountains and forest views – those have the best effect and create a feeling of spaciousness.


Whale mural bathroom decor ideas

Despite the fact that wall tiles are the most popular and the most familiar material bathroom wallpaper are a cost effective option which can save money, but also bring a variety of non-standard ideas of interior. The low cost is undoubtedly an advantage and you can plan a DIY project for the decoration of your bathroom which will take a few hours. In addition, the possibility to change the decor at any time is appealing to many people. Choosing the color, pattern and texture of a wallpaper is much easier choosing wall tiles.


bathroom decor ideas wallpaper grass water drops

bathroom ideas landscape accent wall

amazing decoration ideas mountain stream waterfall

bathroom wallpaper neutral colors sand

bathroom wall decorating ideas wallpaper old street

small bathroom wall decor ideas neutral colors wallpaper Feng Shui sand stone

Buddha Feng Shui bathroom ideas

amazing water drops wall decorating ideas

wallpaper fog freestanding bathtub bathroom decor

sea inspired bathroom wall decor ideas bathroom wall mural

bathroom decoration ideas orchids spa bathroom

original small bathroom decor ideas wallpaper accent

Modern city wall mural bathroom decor

bathroom wall mural underground station

bathroom wall mural sunset

bathroom wall mural dolphins

bathroom wall mural beach sea

bathroom wall mural wallpaper beach

bathroom ideas small bathroom decor landscape photo wallpaper accent wall staircase

bathroom decor ideas photo wallpaper sea shells sand

bathroom decoration sea shells bathroom design neutral colors

bathroom accent wall ideas crystal water wallpaper

awesome bathroom designs bathroom decoration exotic island

amazing bathroom decoration ideas sand spiral clawfoot tub

zen bathroom decor ideas freestanding tub

interior design wall mirror ceiling lights

bathroom decoration ideas photo wallpaper bamboo orchid wood flooring

romantic bathroom wallpaper pink roses bathroom wallpaper ideasbathroom decor

custom wall decoration bathroom decor ideas roman sculpture

creative bathroom decor ideas wallpaper orchids butterflies

creative decoration ideas accent wall ideas wallpaper orchids stones

black white wall mural bathroom decor ideas

beautiful bathroom decoration ideas photo wallpaper flower pattern

Bathroom ideas decor bamboo fountain photo wallpaper

Bathroom design ideas accent wall modern interior

Bathroom design ideas neutral colors modern interior wallpaper

small bathrooms ideas wallpaper stones

bathroom decor ideas small bathroom exotic island wallpaper

bathroom decor ideas water drops modern bathroom design

Bathroom decor ideas small bathrooms accent wall water

awesome small bathroom decoration ideas waterfall wallpaper

super cool wallpaper in bathroom mountains view bathroom ideas



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