Living room design ideas in brown and beige – 50 fabulous interiors

by Kremy

Living room design ideas in brown and beige chocolate brown sofa beige carpet

A living room in brown and beige looks inviting, peaceful, calm and comfortable. We will show you 50 living room design ideas in brown and beige which impress with fabulous and stylish combinations. How to color and complement the colors? How to choose the right furniture and home accessories to create a modern yet cozy atmosphere in your living room? You will find the answers below!

The power of soothing colors

elegant design brown beige colors ottoman decorative pillows


Living room design ideas in brown and beige are a timeless classic. The color combination provides endless opportunities for interior design in almost any style. Brown color is a natural color and considered as neutral with a very rich range of different shades which add a feeling of stability to the interior.

modern design in brown and beige sofa set coffee table fireplace

The brown palette is very soothing and is the ideal choice for people who appreciate the peace and comfort in the house. The main advantage of using a brown and beige color combination in the interior of the living room is that it always has a great final result. Of course, one should be careful not to overdo the dark shades or the interior may look too grim.

minimalist modern design ideas in brown and beige wall paneling sectional sofa set wood floor

Beige and brown work very well together and if you want a really stylish living room decor, you must follow the basic principles – choose dark shades as an accent and use them as the perfect backdrop for lighter shades. A leather sofa, a coffee table or a shelving system in dark brown combined with a shaggy rug, for example, add a special character to the room.

Living room design ideas in brown & beige – how to add accent colors?

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In the collection of living room design ideas in brown & beige you will see original color accents. Brown perfectly complements the beige, and the combination looks very noble, but it can also be used as a separate color. A dark wall in the living room would be appropriate in spacious, well-lit rooms, as it visually reduces the space. The mix of both colors is easily combined with different shades of blue, blue, green, purple, white and pastel hues.

stone wall leather sofa

The most popular shades of brown which look elegant, sophisticated and stylish are cocoa, chocolate, cinnamon and natural wood. Cocoa is a strong color and ideal as an accent color. Chocolate shades are wonderfully soothing when combined with beige. The softness of cinnamon brown adds warmth to the interior and works very well with yellow or red shades. For a romantic touch cinnamon can be combined with the lightest of beige shades. Natural wood shades work with gray, greens and any other earthy colors.

Living room design ideas in brown and beige – how to choose furniture and accessories?

exclusive tufted sofa wall decoration

The combination can be used to create a modern, minimalist decor as well as a classic, Mediterranean or rustic style interiors. In most cases, all of furniture pieces in living rooms decorated in brown and beige are made of natural wood as it adds a special nobility.

 modern furniture sandstone floor tiles shaggy rug

The most spectacular furniture usually is in saturated colors such as chocolate or light shades of wood. A sofa in this palette will always look luxurious regardless of the material from which it is made – leather or upholstered in fabric. You can choose a sectional, modular or corner sofa depending on the size of your living room. Chairs and armchairs in accent colors like green, blue or yellow will be the perfect addition and will balance the color of a sofa.

shaggy carpet leather sofa wall shelves

Some people are afraid of the brown color palette as they are not quite sure which one of the many shades will suit their personality and will look good in their living room. However, you should not be afraid to experiment with lighter shades or chocolate browns. There are so many ways to introduce the palette in the living room – from the floor and finishing to accessories and fabrics. The combination with beige gives the interior a rich and respectable appearance and creates a very pleasant atmosphere.

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leather armchairs modern lighting

large sofa wall paintings coffee table

elegant furniture fireplace

Living room design ideas in brown and beige daybed carpet wood shelves

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Living room design ideas brown beige colors large sofa carpet

Living room design ideas brown beige colors brown accent wall modern furniture

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minimalist living room design in brown and beige leather sofa bonsai tree

Living room design ideas in brown and beige leather tufted sofa brown leather ottomans coffee table

leather sofa orange cushions and curtains

leather armchairs wood flooring

comfortable living room fireplace sofa armchair

classic interior beige curtains sectional brown sofa

 colors brown accent wall ornate wallpaper beige sofa

 brick wall ottoman side table

accent wall fireplace built in shelves

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