Organic Modern Interior Design – Complete Guide to the Latest Home Décor Trend!

by Stephanie Yankova

Organic Modern interior design quickly became one of the most popular and recognizable decor styles on the internet. But why are so many people gravitating toward this aesthetic?  How does this new approach to decorating our home affect our lifestyle? The simplicity, softness, and elegant minimalism of this interior style will instantly transform your space into a tranquil safe haven! 

organic modern interior design open plan living room high ceilings natural light low furniture wood tactile fabrics

What is Organic Modern Interior Design?

Organic modern interior design is a merge between minimalist decor aesthetics, natural textures, organic fabrics, and muted, earthy colors. Small details such as large green plants, rustic furniture, and clean lines are prominent. The focus of Organic Modern is on building a space that feels peaceful, and grounding and helps you reconnect with yourself.

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What is the Difference Between Boho and Organic Modern?

boho vs organic modern interior design dining room decor colors materials differences


What makes Boho and Organic Modern appear similar to each other is the use of natural materials and organic fabrics. Wood, rattan, macramé, cotton, and leather can be seen in both design styles. The most striking difference between the two is the use of color. Boho decor uses vibrant colors and bold patterns to bring character to the space and create focal points. Organic Modern on the other hand is characterized by the use of a neutral color palette. Instead of patterns, here is more prominent the interplay of textures and organic tactile surfaces.

How do You Style Organic Modern?

There are a few fundamental components you should take into consideration when decorating a space in an Organic Modern style. The key lies in intertwining crisp minimalistic elements with modern mid-century decor. A lot of the items incorporated into this interior style can be reused or upcycled vintage pieces, or even handmade ones. This will add personal value to your space and make it feel more homely. Here’s how you can easily introduce the Organic Modern interior design aesthetic into your home!

Use Natural Wood

organic modern interior design wooden furniture smooth surfaces minimalist decor neutral colors

A good place to start when building an Organic Modern interior is the incorporation of natural wood.  In order to give your space a more natural and lived-in appearance opt for raw finishes of the wood – either scraped or sawn. If you want a more refined look with clean lines then choose wooden furniture with a smooth finish. Avoid glossy finishes and make sure that some of the texture of the wood is still peeking through.

Choose the Right Color Scheme

organic modern interior design style living room decor brown leather armchairs white textile sofa

A basic rule in organic Modern design is to keep the walls neutral. This is the foundation upon which you’re going to build the rest of the interior, so they should be either in an off-white or light beige color. You can add depth to your space by incorporating darker hues such as cool blue, muted gold, or brass, dark olive green, and different shades of warm neutrals.

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Incorporate Greenery

tall green plants organic modern interior design style inspo ideas wood natural fabrics

Organic Modem interior is all about bringing you down to Earth. Because of that, the furniture is oftentimes really low. The reason behind this is that the closer you are to the floor, the easier it is to disconnect from the surrounding environment and ground yourself. However, within an enclosed space it’s good to have a balance between highs and lows in order to create a more aesthetically pleasing appearance. The way we achieve that in this design style is through greenery. Big, high green plants are the perfect way to achieve this balance. Not only that, but they add a touch of freshness, beauty, and positivity to your home.

Swap Synthetics for Organic Materials

minimalist bedroom organic modern interior design natural fabrics sustainable materials cotton wool rattan

Organic Modern is about bringing serenity and comfort to the space you occupy. Anything that brings us closer to nature and the earth carries that quality. The best way to emulate that feeling within your home is through the use of natural materials and organic fabrics. Cotton, wool, linen, rattan, and jute are perfect for this task. In terms of furniture and decoration, wood and stone are the perfect materials to go for. They will bring a grounding feel that’s both contrasting and complementary to the softness of the organic fabrics.

Pick Furniture with Rounded, Organic Shapes

round shapes textile furniture natural materials organic modern interior design inspiration ideas

Perfect forms don’t really exist in nature and that’s what makes it so beautiful and unique. This is something that Organic Modern interior design truly embodies. Instead of buying furniture with sharp 90-degree angles, opt for pieces that have softer, rounder edges. This will make your space feel a lot more comfortable and inviting.

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