Contemporary freestanding bathtub ideas with elegant design

by Kremy

Contemporary freestanding bathtub design white acrylic luxury bathroom ideas

To create a modern bathroom which is a real wellness oasis, the matching bathroom furniture and accessories must be selected. A contemporary freestanding bathtub contributes to the spa atmosphere as it offers the opportunity to relax and rest after a long day’s work. With a timelessly elegant look modern amazing bathtubs will automatically catch the eye. We will show you a selection of luxurious and elegant design ideas which feature modern bathtubs and bathroom interiors.

A piece of furniture with a fabulous and attractive appearance

freestanding tub design ideas luxury bathroom furniture


Many contemporary freestanding bathtub designs are inspired by nature. Unique handmade bathtubs enjoy a great popularity. Some are made of natural stone and ceramic, available in different colors and shapes but all of them offer the comfort and the appearance of a masterpiece.

modern freestanding bathtubs oval shape luxury bathroom ideas

Minimalist luxury is a main theme in the design of modern bathrooms as well as bathroom furniture. Functionality is still a major feature as well as the ergonomic design. Modern freestanding bathtubs with smooth lines are a hot trend as the oval or round shapes are incredibly pleasing to the eye.

freestanding bathtub marble natural stone boat shape

unique freestanding bathtub design black ceramic bathtub modern bathroom interior

small luxury bathroom freestanding bathtub bathroom ideas

round freestanding bath wooden podium luxury bathroom

round freestanding bath stainless steel faucet mirror cabinets

oval modern design ideas

modern white oval shape bathroom furniture design ideas

modern ideas soaking tubs high back trendy

luxury bathtub modern design

luxury bathtub copper modern

luxurious modern bathtub rectangular shape chrome legs

extraordinary chic bathtub design ideas high backrest

contemporary tub wooden legs modern

contemporary freestanding tub oval shape luxury

Contemporary freestanding bathtubs elegant design ideas

contemporary natural stone bathroom furniture

Contemporary freestanding bathtub design modern bathroom modern faucet

contemporary candle tray romantic bathroom

Contemporary freestanding bathtub black modern bathroom furniture

contemporary bathroom design ideas freestanding bathtub marble

amazing freestanding bathtub design ideas contemporary bathroom furniture

Contemporary freestanding bathtub with a view – make the most of your space

contemporary freestanding bathtub minimalist bathroom

Having a contemporary freestanding bathtub which offers a panorama view may sound like a dream come true. However, depending on your bathroom, you should not have any doubts for the layout, and if you have a view – take advantage of it. The pleasure of a relaxing time in the bathtub enjoying the view of the sea, the sunset, the mountain or the city skyline is something that brings peace to the mind and body. Make sure that the bathroom is uncluttered and nothing will spoil the view or disturb you while having your precious moments of quiet rest.


bathtub mountain view elegant

 design luxury ideas

minimalist bathroom

spa design tub wood flooring

 wood flooring large windows

 storage shelves panorama view

modern red Acrylic bathtub furniture design

modern panorama view shower

marble floor wall

ergonomic aesthetic appearance design ideas panorama view

Modern bath glass partition wall large windows

minimalist modern round shape

luxury design tub oval shape sea view

 round shape awesome wall mosaic tiles

natural stone floor magnificent nature view

egg shaped modern bathroom furniture design

stainless steel faucet

 round shape rainshower head wood flooring walls

contemporary parquet floor stunning skyscrapers view

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