Storage ideas for small bedrooms to maximize the space

by Kremy

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No matter where you live – in a small apartment or a large house, storage space is never enough. It is really challenging to organize all our belongings when we have a limited space and some storage ideas for small bedrooms will come really helpful when we want to keep the area free of clutter.

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Look around, look for sites that you do not normally use, and maybe you can use some of our clever storage ideas for small bedrooms. With little imagination, you can transform unused areas completely, so that they look comfortable and practical. Using various types of storage and taking advantage of every nook will give you flexibility and everything will be on its place. Shelves can make the most of every inch of living space. High shelves are particularly suitable for small bedrooms. Use the bedside space and buy multifunctional furniture which will provide some additional space. Avoid massive furniture pieces as they need too much space. The space under your bed provides a lot of possibilities to store things. The headboard can also become a storage space with open shelves or cabinets.


Clever storage ideas for small bedrooms are primarily associated with the furniture. Built-in furniture saves a lot of space – a bed with storage or a bench seat with storage space are very common. Create a cozy corner of the window sill and build shelves below, or buy interesting furniture pieces with storage space. Think for the nursery room too. This is a room in every home that needs a lot of storage space for the children’s toys, clothing, and various belongings.


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In small rooms every centimeter counts, so every possible storage location must be used rationally. Even a small piece of space can serve to the residents, transformed into a small rack, mini closet or even a shelf. Make the most of the available space by installing narrow shelves from floor to ceiling. The search for suitable storage space for clothes is always a problem, so if you have a niche in your room, it could accommodate a built in wardrobe. If this does not a suitable decision, you can attach a curtain rod in the niche, choose a nice curtain and you will have a wardrobe space with little effort.











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Small kids room bunk beds

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