Modern fireplace design – ideas for a cozy home interior

by Kremy

modern fireplace design ideas black accent wall stone surroundings

Modern fireplace design has to meet the requirements for functionality and aesthetic appeal. In addition, they have to be safe and cost effective. Modern technology features gas or bio ethanol models, but still many people prefer wood burning models, as the scent of burning wood can hardly be beaten. However, the fireplace is always a focal point in any room and everyone loves to sit down by the fire and watch the flames. Especially in living rooms, TV over fireplace ideas are quite popular as this is the room that gathers all family members.


Modern fireplace design – real flames for ultimate comfort


modern living room design floating shelves sofa armchair fireplace design ideas


There is nothing more pleasant than the crackling and the distinctive smell of burning wood. Wood has been the main source of heat for ages and is still a traditional way to warm the home during the cold winter months. Wood burning modern fireplace design is focused not only on the visual appearance but on the efficiency as well. Wood is environmentally friendly and the prices of oil and gas do not affect the cost of home heating. Modern indoor models are offered in a wide variety of shapes, materials and sizes, and you can choose from numerous fireplace surround ideas which can easily fit in any decor. Many people choose a brick fireplace makeover as the traditional materials for decorative surrounds – marble and stone – are expanded with stainless steel, plaster, etc.


Modern fireplace design – gas fireplaces in modern interiors


minimalist living room interior grey fireplace gas fireplace

Undoubtedly gas fireplaces are easier to care for than those with wood. Modern fireplace design has developed fascinating models which are quite simple to use – just by pressing a button. The temperature in the room is easily controlled and the flames have a realistic appearance. A further advantage is that they do not require a place for storing wood logs, they are extremely efficient and cost effective. Of course, you can choose other types of fireplaces – electric fireplaces and pellet stoves are also very popular and with high aesthetic value.

modern gas fireplace design indoor fireplace ideas white minimalist design

Modern living room with a rustic touch

modern living room rustic decor gray accent wall gas fireplace antler chandelier

Contemporary living room

modern fireplace design ideas built in gas fireplace brown accent wall living room design

Fascinating real flames – ultimate quality of life

modern gas fireplace living room design ideas beige carpet

A decorative element in the living room

modern fireplace design ideas white wall minimalist living room black red accents

An eye – catching design

modern fireplace living room

Minimalist design

contemporary decor white gray wall black sofa

modern red accent wall fireplace wooden coffee table

Modern home decor open shelves rustic rug

indoor fireplace ideas family room decorating ideas

gas fireplace stainless steel surrounding loft decoration ideas

modern gas fireplace open floor plan living dining room

modern gas fireplace interior decor ideas

Modern gas fireplace grey accent wall red armchair floor cushions

contemporary interior red shaggy rug

minimalist design white staircase white accent wall modern gas fireplace

contemporary indoor fireplace ideas gas fireplace red armchair



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