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Contemporary fireplace surround ideas and eye catching designs

Contemporary fireplace surround ideas and eye catching designs

by Kremy

Contemporary-fireplace-surround-rusted-steel contemporary living room

Fireplaces adorn the interiors for a long time, so over the years a lot of options for surrounds appeared. Stone is the only fireplace surround material which came to us almost unchanged and is still used for its fantastic qualities. Nowadays a variety of modern and innovative materials are offered in addition to the traditional natural stone or tiles. Many of them are eco friendly, durable and with great visual appeal. You can choose from brick, stone, metal, tiles, ceramic tiles, wood, plaster and other materials available and use each material individually or combine it with another one. The fireplace is no longer just a wood burning place used to provide warmth. The latest trend of living and design shows fireplaces that not only keep the room warm in winter, but also intrigue with originality and the fireplace often becomes a focal point of the whole interior. Contemporary fireplace surround ideas are focused on transforming a regular fireplace and turning it into an integral part of the home interior with high decorative value.

Contemporary fireplace surround ideas add an accent in the interior

Contemporary-fireplace-surround-ideas earthy colors metal decoration


The pleasant warmth of the fire has a great appeal. Nowadays, everyone can have a fireplace – from large minimalist design down to small compact bioethanol fireplaces–there is a suitable fireplace for each taste. The classic design is replaced more and more by original, distinctive and contemporary fireplace surround ideas. Designers turn to new materials – stainless steel, brass, glass and create fascinating surrounds which complement the modern home appearance.

Contemporary fireplace surround ideas and innovative designs for your home

Contemporary-fireplace-surround-ideas wood fireplace surround

The right surround can be the highlight of the interior. The choice of materials is very important and if you have a modern minimalist interior you need to match the fireplace surrounds with the style of your home. Classic materials like wood and stone can offer new thrilling designs and contemporary look. Stainless steel looks stunningly beautiful around a fireplace too. Look at these contemporary fireplaces and get inspired by the fantastic designs.


Contemporary-fireplace-surround-seating space tree contemporary living room

 Minimalist design with pure white surround

Contemporary-fireplace-surround-ideas-minimalist design home office design ideas


 The black panels make the fireplace a focal point of the room

Modern-fireplace -surrounds-black panels contemporary home interior

Creative combination of different materials

fireplace-surround-ideas-modern living room interior wood tile

Classic natural stone with modern design

natural stone fireplace surround modern living room

 Concrete tiles fit into contemporary interiors

Contemporary-fireplace-surround-ideas-block cast concrete fireplace

Shiny stainless steel frame as a decorative accent


Modular wall panels combined with steel transform the appearance

Contemporary-fireplace-surround-ideas-steel modular wall

Modern fireplace surrounds ideas tile fireplace surround

Modern-fireplace-surrounds-contemporary-living room


fireplace surround ideas natural stone tiles open shelf

fireplace-surround-ideas-modern home

Contemporary-fireplace-surround-ideas-tiles glass screen modern interior

Contemporary fireplace surround ideas natural stone tile fireplace

Contemporary-fireplace-surround-ideas-marble stone fireplace surround

Contemporary-fireplace-surround-ideas-focal point gray tiles wall decoration

Contemporary-fireplace-surround-ideas-contemporary home interior

Contemporary-fireplace-surround-ideas-concrete tiles contrast colors

Contemporary-fireplace-surround-ideas-cast concrete mantel stainless steel contemporary interior

Contemporary-fireplace-surround-ideas-bathroom mosaic tile design



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