25 fabulous design ideas for modern bathroom vanities

by Kremy

Modern-bathroom-vanities-with open storage shelves recessed lighting

Bathroom vanity is without any doubt the focus of the bathroom in any home. Depending on the needs, wants, and of course space, modern bathroom vanities can be among the most versatile pieces of furniture that provide storage space and at the same time as the central place for the care and needs, having an equally important aesthetic function.

Modern bathroom vanities design ideas

contemporary-bathroom-vanity-cabinets with storage space


What is a modern style in the bathroom? Of course, this is a game of colors and shapes, materials and textures, a variety of sanitary ware and furniture, crisp lines and unusual, bold combinations of colors and many other things that should be in the bathroom. Bathroom vanities feature materials like acrylic, natural stone, glass, or various decorative stones. In the gallery below you will find some fascinating modern bathroom vanities designs which offer bold and innovative solutions.

Modern bathroom vanities and how to pick up a vanity

Modern-bathroom-vanities-cabinets storage space open shelves wood concrete

Picking up a vanity often faces us to make difficult choices and we need to be prepared so that out bathroom offers comfort functionality and elegance. There are some things to be considered before buying a vanity. The first and one of the most important is the actual place for the vanity. It should not block access to the shower, for example, or door-opening. The material of the vanity defines the look. Remember that besides decorative value, the vanity must be easily cleaned and maintained. Bathroom vanities with open storage are trendy and help organizing the bathroom. Models with drawers are also a very good option as they may hide most of your belongings and the bathroom will look clean and uncluttered. Last, but not least, you need to think of the right size and height of the vanity cabinets. Modern bathroom vanities can be found in various sizes but you have to resist the temptation to place a huge vanity into a small bathroom.

 Modern-bathroom-vanities-natural materials gray wall color

White bathroom vanity with storage drawers

white-bathroom-vanity-with storage drawers and open shelf


Small vanities can be original and eye catching

Modern-bathroom-vanities-natural materials wood marble

 Minimalist design with clean straight lines


 Elegant small bathroom vanity

small bathroom vanities natural materials wood cabinet

 Rustic style bathroom vanity with storage drawers


 Modern bathroom vanities combine materials in a new way

Modern-bathroom-vanities-cabinets with drawers large mirrors

 Modern design and natural materials – a powerful combination

Modern-bathroom-vanities-cabinets natural materials wood natural stone

 Elegant vanity design from natural materials


Modern-bathroom-vanities-with drawers wood cabinet fronts

Modern-bathroom-vanities-ideas wood marble large mirror

Modern bathroom vanities ideas double vanity mirror lights

white bathroom vanity cabinets storage drawers sconces


Modern-bathroom-vanities-wood cabinets

Modern-bathroom-vanities-cabinets dark wood white top

bathroom vanity cabinets wood storage drawers white sinks

contemporary-bathroom-vanity-cabinets wood ceramic sick

Contemporary-bathroom-vanities-design original tiles metal sink

bathroom-vanity-cabinets-storage drawers mirror

bathroom-vanities-ideas-natural colors wood stone

bathroom-vanity-lights mirrors sconces

Asian bathroom design modern bathroom vanity storage shelves



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