Gas fireplace repair – what to do before we call the repairman?

by Kremy


Gas fireplace repair ideas are always useful as sometimes the problem is pretty minor and we can try to fix it by ourselves. Of course, it is best if you called a repairman or a fireplace maintenance company, who have the expertise to deal with various problems. But when the cold season starts, gas fireplaces may develop problems, and even when that is not the case, it is always good to be prepared.


Gas fireplace repair – what are the most common problems?




Before listing some of the most common gas fireplace problems, we would like to repeat, that for any repair actions, it is highly recommended to call a professional. You should be aware that your and your family’s safety is a priority and messing with gas and flames can be dangerous so any gas fireplace repair actions should be taken with extra caution.


Gas fireplace will not light – pilot light systems are the most common reason for a light failure. Check the gas valve and see if the gas is turned on. Another reason for the gas fireplace to fail lighting is that after a few months of not being used, there could be some air in the tubing and you need to purge it. This is done by holding the pilot button for a period of one to three minutes until the air is out.


When gas is coming out and the fireplace won’t light, the problem could be the spark igniter. Make sure that there is no any debris between the igniter and thermocouple.


Gas fireplace repair – thermocouple or thermopile problem?


How to diagnose a problem in the thermocouple or thermopile? This is probably the second one of the most common gas fireplace repair problems. When the pilot light ignites but does not stay lit, this is an indication of a possible problem with the thermocouple. The thermocouple is a metal sensor which is heated by the flame. It could be that the thermocouple is worn out and needs to be replaced.


The same problem – he pilot light ignites but does not stay lit – could be as a result of a problem with the thermopile. It is possible that carbon has deposited over time and you can check if it needs cleaning. If that is not the case, you will have to replace the thermopile. Both thermocouple and thermopile are inexpensive and easy to replace, but before that it is better to consult with the maintenance company.


There are many other reasons for gas fireplace failure to light – loose connections, defective valves or bad modules in electric ignition units. Some gas fireplace systems are more sensitive than others and detecting and determining a gas fireplace problem does require experience and expertise. You know that “you’re better safe than sorry”, so do not try fixing any fireplace issues if you are not experienced!


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