Chic linear fireplace ideas – modern fireplaces with great visual appeal

by Kremy

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Chic linear fireplace ideas make an ordinary room look extraordinary. The modern, linear look is designed to add elegance and sophistication to the interior. These fireplaces come in a variety of styles and designs – from traditional to contemporary and are an immediate focal point in any room. The slim and sleek look of linear fireplaces allows numerous design opportunities as they can be built in an accent wall, arranged as a double faced fireplace and what is more important – they can be installed not only in living rooms, but in bedrooms, dining rooms, and you will see some striking bathroom fireplace designs in the gallery below. We have selected some exclusive which are a real complement to the home decor.

The advantages of linear electric fireplace designs

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Linear electric fireplace designs offer many advantages and benefits. Modern electric fireplaces are able to meet your personal needs and your criteria for visual aesthetics. Electric linear fireplace ideas are so many that you will definitely find the right one that matches the existing decor of your home and become a fashionable focal point. The design can be flexible and versatile and the market offers a huge choice of various sizes so that you find the right one for you. They are an excellent option for small apartments or studio apartments as they are a fantastic space saving design. Linear electric fireplaces offer a long life span and due to the fact that there are no actual burning flames, they are the safest fireplaces, which is a priority for families with small children and pets. In addition these fireplaces do not emit any harmful gases and fumes and the fire hazard from open flames is zero.

Linear fireplace ideas -what are the advantages?

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Linear gas fireplace inserts provide the opportunity to enjoy real flames without the troubles that you have with coal, pellets or wood burning fireplaces. You do not need to stack wood logs or pellets and the greatest advantage is that you do not have to clean the ashes. Almost 70 percent of home fireplaces are gas burning models and the main reason for the huge popularity of gas fireplaces is the low cost of natural gas and propane. Many of them are also ventless gas fireplace inserts. They are quite safe due to the included oxygen-depletion sensor which turns the gas off before harmful gases like carbon monoxide reaches dangerous levels. Gas linear fireplaces are cost efficient, they offer the heat of real fire and in terms of visual appeal the options are numerous.

linear fireplace design modern fireplace surround ideas

Whether electric or gas linear, the decoration options come in different fireplace surrounds and customers can choose the one which will accent on the beauty of it. You could create an accent wall with it as a focal point of the room interior and arrange all furniture in a way that makes it stand out!

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