Cool ideas for mounting a TV over a fireplace in the living room

by Kremy

mounting a tv over a fireplace ideas contemporary living room interior design

We offer you some really cool ideas for mounting a TV over a fireplace in the living room. The living room is the heart of each home.

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When they are designed in a functional and practical way, the evenings with family and friends are the most pleasant time of the day. There is no better relax and comfort than sitting in front of the fireplace.

 natural stone wall living room design tv over fireplace

The sparkling flames have indisputably a great attraction, but very often the question-what to do with the TV?

mounting a tv over a fireplace family room interior design ideas

Mounting a TV over a fireplace seems to be a practical, simple and space-saving idea that is quite a challenge indeed. The problem is that, when the fireplace operates, the wall is heated.

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The heat that radiates may damage the device. Of course, the new models are equipped with a cooling system, but still, there are many opinions and against this type of mounting and one of the leading ones is that this would shorten its lifespan.

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When you decide to mount anything over a fireplace, you need to make sure that the chimney wall is well sealed and. In each case, you should consult a professional and the manufacturer of the fireplace.

contemporary family room mounting a tv over a fireplace ideas open floor plan

In addition, the seller should provide information on the maximum temperature at which the device will work without any potential damages.

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Basically, anyone can carry out a home test and see if the idea of mounting a TV over the fireplace will work or not – just light the fireplace and then measure the temperature of the wall. If it is more than 30 degrees, it will be a better idea that you place it somewhere else.

installing a tv ideas cool interior design ideas

Viewing height is also of great significance. Remember that the best position is at the eye level of seated viewers, which is another disadvantage as this means the TV would be mounted too low and in proximity to the flames.

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It is not impossible to mount your TV over the fireplace, but always consult with professionals if you want to make sure your device will have a long life and most, important – it will be safe and you will not cause accidental melting or fire.

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