Applying a basement sealer will allow you create amazing interiors

by Kremy

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The walls of the basement are elements of buildings, which are constantly in contact with the wet ground outside the building. Over time, the water penetrates into the room.

Basement sealer drain system waterproofing


If for some reason in the construction process the basement was not insulated on the outside, you can always make it dry inside, using modern and high-quality building materials.

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The right decision would be, of course, to apply a basement sealer so that you can insulate moisture. You just need to remember that that without a good ventilation you will not achieve the desired effect.

Applying a basement sealer – a DIY project

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Where does moisture come from and why applying a basement sealer is a good idea? The main reasons for having moisture in the basement can be summarized as follows:

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– Water enters through the door or through the vent in rainy weather;
– Malfunction of the ventilation system. This results in a condense on the walls because the moisture can not find a way out and you may expect growth of mold spots;

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– After rains water penetrates right through the wall;
– The space is located in an area where ground waters are very close to the surface.

How to apply basement sealer and what is the right method?

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If you decide to cope on your own with the problem of humidity, you should figure out how to how to apply basement sealer and what materials you want to apply?

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Of course the first idea is to build a drainage trench which will lead the water away from the house. External insulation is more effective.

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It is designed to protect the floor from the ground water and precipitation (rain, snow). It is advisable to consult professionals or do a thorough research on materials and methods of insulating.

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