30 shower squeegee designs to keep your bathroom clean

by Kremy

best shower squeegees stainless steel shower squeegee

A convenient shower squeegee is a must in every bathroom! What exactly is it and why is it a must have item?

shower squeegee with hook glass shower cleaning ideas modern bathroom


A squeegee is used for removing water from glass shower cabins, mirrors, tiles, or windows. A good squeegee has to be effective, durable and reliable.

stainless steel shower squeegee minimalist design modern accessories

We have collected 30 squeegee designs in every category – cheap, modern, telescopic – to help you find the best one for yourself.

squeegees for bathroom ideas glass cleaning mirror cleaning

The main function of the shower squeegee is to remove water from the glass surface without leaving streaks on the cabin walls.

shower squeegee white plastic sqeegee suction cap hanger

The squeegee has to be comfortable so that cleaning the shower is not a torment but a pleasant and quick activity. Using it on a regular basis makes sure that your cabin will not get stained from remaining moisture.

what is a shower squeegee bathroom cleaning ideas

Most modern shower squeegees are made of stainless steel and look like a fabulous accessory in any bathroom. With an awesome minimalist design and elegance the tool can be hung in any place of the bathroom.

Suction hook for shower squeegees

When you buy a squeegee, search for a model with a suction cup to hang it. The suction cup will allow you to hang it neatly somewhere out of sight.

shower squeegees basket with hanger bathroom accessories

Many models come with an included hanger with suction cup but if your squeegee is not equipped with a special hanger, the nearest store for home accessories will have many options to offer.

how to clean glass shower cabins ideas tips shower squeegee

 Even a 3-minute refreshing shower leaves water to your glass doors as well as soap scum.

shower squeegee ideas modern bathroom accessories shower cleaning

Not cleaning water and soap scum means that they will dry on the glass surface and this is the main reason why the glass surface of showers needs to be cleaned when leaving the cabin.

modern bathroom cleaning tips shower tile squeegees plastic squeegees

It will only take about 20 seconds and if you have never used a squeegee before, all you have to do is slide it downwards on the glass and you will see how water disappears.

glass shower cabin squeegee with suction hook

Glass shower doors make a beautiful statement in the bathroom, keep the water from splashing out and let the light in, but you have to keep them clean as they are susceptible to water stains.

modern bathroom cool accessories shower squeegee

Hard water leaves a coating, soap and shampoo as well. Unless you want to use chemical cleaners, the use of a squeegee right after you had a shower will help you keep the bathroom clean, neat and with a beautiful appearance.

white plastic bathroom squeegee glass tile mirror cleaning

 Squeegees are effective and very easy to clean. Even a cheaper one will do the trick.

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After all, they work on the same principle as car windows cleaning or ordinary windows cleaning. Modern squeegees look like gorgeous accessories and are very practical as well.

squeegee with telescope glass cleaning ideas

Squeegees with a telescopic handle will be very useful for tall cabins. In addition, having one in the bathroom will show your visitors that you appreciate hygiene and health.

modern bathroom accessories shower squeegees stainless steel hanger

cute plastic shower squeegees colorful birds bathroom accessories

modern squeegee design shower glass cleaning tips

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white bathroom sqeegee glass tile cleaning ideas


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simple with hanger


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