30 amazing terrazzo flooring ideas in modern home interiors

by Kremy

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Terrazzo flooring is a long-known self-leveling floor mosaic, or manufactured on special plates. The material has a glossy surface and a wide range of colors.

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The marble and granite chips or pieces of glass and other additives make sure that you get a perfectly smooth floor in your home and you can even imitate marble or granite.

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Terrazzo flooring is a much more practical solution as it perfectly resists abrasion, it is non-flammable, it is water resistant and can be used literally everywhere.

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Terrazzo floors are beautiful and durable and they are absolutely worth the cost. To achieve a beautiful figure and ideal surface requires high professionalism and very expensive equipment but you could get flooring tiles and place them by yourself.

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An additional advantage is the large variety of colors which allows the designers to implement unique solutions in the interiors. A modern monochromatic look, or an artistic piece looking like a classic Italian mosaics – all this can be achieved.

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First of all, what you should look for when choosing terrazzo floors is reliability. Such floors can be installed anywhere – in public or residential premises -in the children’s room, bedroom, store, office, lobby, exhibition hall, hallway, staircase and other areas.

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Terrazzo has a very long life span – 30-40 years even in places with busy movement. If you want to invest in a reliable material that does not require a repair every year or two, which means you will have additional costs for maintenance, a terrazzo floor will be the perfect choice.

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Due to the non-porous nature of these floors, the cleaning required is virtually minimal. Unlike carpet, vinyl flooring or tile, a terrazzo floor will almost certainly never need replacement, even when located in high-traffic areas.

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