Floor cushions in the interior: 25 cool ideas in different styles

by Kremy

Floor Cushions balcony decorating ideas

Floor cushions are something traditionally used in different cultures – Japan, Morocco, India and Egypt. If you wanted to change your interior decor you can do it quickly and easily with a few cushions on the floor and you can achieve either an oriental atmosphere or a more contemporary appearance. There are different types of cushions and some of them can be used as a table or an ottoman as well.

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Floor cushions can be not only decorative, but functional. They can be used to replace the benches, ottomans, and in some cases even chairs. That is how you will always have enough free space and you will have a creative way to seat a small group of friends or visitors or family members. You can sit on cushions by the fire on the porch or lawn. You can choose pillows of any shape and design, and also, if you are crafty enough, you can easily make these cushions by yourself. Depending on the size, the cushions can be both large and small. You can use them separately or combine cushions in various sizes for a more artistic appearance.

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In the living you can use cushions on the floor around the coffee table or next to the couch. They can completely replace a sofa. In the nursery, of course, you could throw on the floor a few pillows because children often spend time on the floor playing or doing something. Teenagers would be delighted if you arranged a seating area with cushions in the teen bedroom. Floor cushions can be used outdoors too – on the balcony, the patio area, beside the pool and if you chose bright and vivid colors, the cushions will become a part of the decoration of your indoor or outdoor space.

Floral floor cushions nursery room decoration ideas

Although floor pillows look very attractive, before buying some for your home, you need to carefully think if they would be suitable for you. One of the first considerations is the age and health as older people may feel uncomfortable to sit on the floor. Another factor is the family preferences – would your family agree to change the sofa and armchairs for floor pillows? As an option you may consider using them as footrests or simply limit yourself to using them in the kids’ bedroom. Cushions on the floor are quite informal piece of furniture which creates a relaxed atmosphere and will not be suitable for formal areas.

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modern floor cushions living room furniture ideas
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