Nursery room design – new trends and ideas

by Kremy

ideas blue white wooden cot

The new trends in nursery room design have replaced the old-fashioned pink and sweet little cute child-like interiors for the new family members. Below are four suggestions for the baby room interior that could be very helpful and informative about the modern trends in the nursery.

Nursery room design – A few creative concepts

nursery room design blue braun white


The new about the nursery room design is in the entire concept about the space when the baby came into the world. This fact is of crucial importance for ensuring a healthy, hygienic and at the same time an attractive and instructive atmosphere. Rule number one for the designers of the future nursery room is that it is very important to organize the baby’s things right. A good advice in this case is the balance between the most important pieces of furniture for the baby, so that all the small useless things to be limited as much as possible so that they do not irritate the baby unnecessarily and clutter the space. Rule number two refers to the absence of retro toys. The main point is again to find the balance – the toys should be combined with some common space elements to develop the social skills of the baby. The third rule refers to the selection of the appropriate color for the baby room. Highly recommended are the neutral tones and soft pastel colors.

Four interesting ideas for the nursery room design

elegant interior girl pink white

The first idea for the nursery room design , sits on pink tones as a model for the original furniture of your little princess. The tenderness and cuteness can be seen in every small detail. An interesting element is the elegant white chandelier, hanging from the ceiling as a symbol of the future success of your daughter. Very nice are the little shelves, covered with soft toys, as well as the lovely design, in which the light materials and bright shades dominate.

twins young girl photo wall

The second idea for nursery design is a retro version of the latest modern concepts for a delightful ambience where your treasure falls asleep and then get up again when the sun rises. The wooden wardrobe and neat style photo wall on the front panel are the symbols for the authentic motherly love – unconditional, endless and fundamentally. This design is a very good choice even if twins are on the way – a double joy and the greatest happiness of the world.

interior quilted crib white blue


The next idea for nursery space design is absolutely great. The light and loose color theme in white, blue and cream goes very well with the perfection and beauty of the newborn. The comfortable armchair, which is located next to the baby bed, the design is a symbol of the intimate connection between the parents and the baby. The symbolic atmosphere of the baby’s room design is emphasized by the laundry basket that is created in a children’s version as a plush toy.

nursery purple white ideas

The last idea how to design the nursery room is very enticing with a new setting in the interior trends. This new approach is directly connected to the personality of the resident. The baby name, the unusual wall decoration and the different baby things in the room, a sign of desire is to create a social focus for the small child.

Nursery room for twins

twins ideas

White-pink nursery interior for girls

beautiful nursery white rose wooden crib

 Elegant baby girl room in white and pink

elegant nursery white rose baby girl

Baby boy nursery room in white and blue

boy white blue interior

Blue and white baby boys room with wooden decorations

stylish nursery cream blue interior

 Interesting nursery with safari motifs

interior traditional safari leather wood

 Chic nursery in neutral colors

small nursery interior neutral color creative design

Neutral colored nursery with elegant decoration

nursery neutral color decoration

Nursery design in white with a beautiful photo wall

white interior neutral color decoration

Nursery space for girls in gray and pink

girl gray pink

Gray-blue decorated nursery for boys

nursery room boy interior design gray blue

Nursery design in cream with dark wood

furniture dark wood cream color

Design in cream, white and baby blue

furniture interior pastel colors

Elegant cream-pink interior for girls

girl interior ideas cream pink



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