Kids room design – 15 colorful and cute decoration ideas with stripes

by Kremy

pink stripes blanket

If you just want to create a fashionable kids room design, here are 15 fresh ideas with stripes. Experiment with colors and paint the stripes behind the cot, so that they look like a rainbow. Or add beautiful accents with a carpet with stripes. Which colors, which designs and how they can be applied to the wall – you will learn below.

Colorful wall decoration nursery room stripes


Horizontal stripes on the wall set the tone and make the room visually bigger – so if you need to design a small nursery, this is the perfect wall decoration. Colorful stripes in bright colors are perfect for small children, while darker shades and white color are suitable for older children. If you have no experience with painting stripes, you can buy a wall sticker and decorate a wall with it. Round and oval furniture in the nursery, as well as many photos and drawings refresh the kids room design. Finally, you can opt for stripes on the ceiling, although this option requires a certain skill.

kids room colorful wall sticker rainbow

People who do not dare to paint stripes on the walls, can opt for this easy alternative – buy a colorful rug with stripes pattern. The interesting decorations and lighting will add to the kids room design a fantastic atmosphere. Another good option is to buy curtains with stripes – which also refresh the nursery. Ask your child about his favorite colors. Suitable for girls and boys are yellow and orange color combinations. The children change their taste very quickly and may be tired of colorful pink or purple colors. So you experiment. Pastel colors are calm and are always preferable for small children. Be inspired by our suggestions and invent your own design, which will help you decorate the nursery.

Kids bunk bed wall decoration

Carpet stripes nursery room

sweet nursery yellow color baby bed

Boys room bed design cars

nursery wall stripes

nursery room design wall stripes boy

bunk beds wall decoration stripes

nursery room stripes carpet black white

nursery Room Wall stripes pastel colors boys room

Girls room stripes bedding poster beds

Wall stripes painting decoration idea white blue boy

Modern kids room design wall decoration blue green yellow



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