Glamorous terrazzo tile flooring designs for interior staircases

by Kremy

spectacular terrazzo staircase design interior staircase ideas

Terrazzo tile flooring is one of the most traditional methods of flooring in public or residential areas. However, it looks spectacular on staircases and the technical characteristics of the material are complementing the amazing appearance.

terrazzo tile flooring stairs designs modern staircase ideas


We have collected some beautiful staircases to demonstrate how you could take advantage of terrazzo flooring for your home.

white terrazzo treads interior staircase design ideas

It is a fact that if you want to make a statement and a fabulous first impression, a terrazzo tile flooring is the right way to do it. People are used to the terrazzo flooring in public places and that is why it looks much more spectacular in the interior staircases.

terrazzo tile flooring terrazzo staircase glass railing modern home interior staircase

Terrazzo stairs will give you a beautiful look while providing a long lasting durable and economical interior stair.

terrazzo tile flooring home entry design ideas

The aesthetically pleasing appearance is indisputable and this material will add to the value of your home due to its durability and decorative value.

spiral terrazzo staircase home design interior staircase

A staircase with such covering can be a central focal point of the home entry with fresh colors which allow unique designs.

spectacular terazzo staircase design white terrazzo flooring

The first and most obvious advantage is the durability. The properties of the material make it extremely durable.

staircase ideas terrazzo treads interior staircase designs

The aesthetics and the diversity of colors and possibilities for different designs are another advantage of this type of tiles as the wide variety of choices allows creative designs and freedom for innovative floor patterns.

contemporary staircase design terrazzo staircase focal pont

The seamless look of the material leaves an impression of wholeness and makes a staircase covered with it both a stunning and functional element of the interior.

beautiful tile flooring white staircase contemporary home ideas

It is easily blended in modern interiors as well as in traditional ones and easily combines with other materials.

Marble stairs interior staircase design ideas

interior staircase ideas tile flooring dining room

eclectic staircase stairs modern home ideas

black white flooring home entry design white pillars

white stairs modern home ideas interior staircases

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