How to fix squeaky floors and get rid of the annoying creaks?

by Kremy

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Have you ever wondered how to fix squeaky floors? A floor that squeaks causes discomfort and breaks the silence and comfort of home. Moreover, it causes irritation and get on your nerves.

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Most often it is not at all difficult (it all depends on the reason why the floor is creaking) and it is likely that everyone can handle the problem without any professional assistance.

Why the floor squeaks and how to fix squeaky floors by ourselves?

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There is no need to keep pondering how to fix squeaky floors. The first thing we need to do is to determine the reason why the floor squeaks. Most often, the wooden floor is arranged as follows: a concrete base and wooden beams or joists, based on the boards. Sometimes the problem may be purely constructive – if raw wood or boards with defects were used and over time, this floor will surely begin to creak.

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Another possible reason for the squeaky floors could be drying of the boards, so that floorboards are not adjacent to each other tightly, and a gap is formed.
A third reason for a squeaking floor is that the wood planks were poorly attached to the base.

What are the options to get rid of the squeaks and creaks?

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The first option is time consuming and may be costly as well – remove the entire floor and repair the constriction. Having in mind that this is a major repair, we shall look at the easier options which are likely to solve the problem.

 How to fix squeaky floors easily by ourselves?

how to fix floors DIY home repair ideas

One of the easiest things to do is to use baby powder. It may sound weird to you, but baby powder will fill the tiny gaps between the boards and will keep them together.

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All you need to do is sprinkle baby powder on the squeaking area and gently rub it in.

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The other option which gives an answer to the question how to fix squeaky floors requires is to approach the floor from underneath by shoving shims in between the subfloor and the joists.

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If the gaps are small you could simply apply construction adhesive to the wooden shim, and slide the shim into the gap between the joist and the subfloor.

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If the reason for the problem is separation from the subfloor, a short screw will be able to fasten the subfloor and floor together.

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The third option is to approach the problem from above by drilling a pilot hole into the floor and hammering nails or screwing deck screws in on an angle.

Fixing squeaking floors with baby powder

 How to fix floors practical tips and ideas

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