2023 TOP Hairstyles to Hide Thinning Hair: Flattering and Volumizing Ideas

by Gabby

There’s a point in our lives that we suffer from hair thinning and the reason can be many. Whether it is from stress, bad diet, or unhealthy habits, there’s always a solution for it! What are the best hairstyles to hide thinning hair? How to make your hair look lively and stunning again?

TOP Hairstyles to Hide Thinning Hair: Flattering and Volumizing Ideas

hairstyles to hide thinning hair 2023 blunt bob cut women trends

Ladies, I know! Having fine thinning hair is a real hassle! Don’t get me wrong, I have experienced the horror of the thinning hair a couple of times, and it could be really tough to handle. I would start by saying that if you are dealing with hair loss or thinning, the first thing you have to do is consult a specialist that will determine the issue. Normally, women go through a period of hair thinning due to hormonal issues, bad eating habits, or it might be because of the change of seasons. Most of the time, hair supplements can do miracles, but it takes a certain time for their effect to be visible. If you don’t want to wait, first let’s try to hide the hair thinning with a good hairstyle! What are the best ones out there? Let’s find out!

Starting with the famous Hailey Bieber blunt bob haircut, that went viral this year. You are probably thinking “But is a bob cut a good idea for a thinning hair?”. If you adapt a blunt one then yes. The blunt haircuts are known for their specific hair ends. They add volume to the hair and make it appear thicker.

Face-Framing Haircut with Bangs for Thinning Hair

face framing haircut with bangs for thinning hair


I know it can be hard to talk about thinning hair, just because it is such an aggravating problem. But trust me, a face-framing hairstyle with bangs can help you camouflage the fine hair. You have to talk to your hairdresser and they will find the best face-framing cut that will suit your face shape and features. You can make the cut a blunt one, if you want more volume.

Long Pixie Cut for Women Over 60 with Thin Hair

long pixie haircut for women over 60 with thinning hair and highlights

For women over 60, having to deal with hair thinning is normal. That shouldn’t worry you at all, because we introduce you to the long Pixie cut with highlights that will hide your thin and fine hair in no time. The wispy layers on the top will add dimension and volume as well.

Textured Lob Haircut with Side-Parted Bangs

textured lob haircut with side parted bangs for thinning hair volumizing

All medium-length haircuts are preferred among women with thinning hair, since they are not too short nor too long. They are easy to maintain and style. Today, we focus on the textured lob with side-parted bangs that will make you say “goodbye” to your thin hair and say “hello” to volume. It will hide the thinning roots.

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Shaggy Bob Haircut with Bangs for Thinning Hair

shaggy bob haircut with bangs for thinning hair

If you are suffering from a receding hairline, which is not that common for women, then you definitely should consider bangs. This shaggy bob haircut is a masterpiece! It can help you hide your hairline and camouflage the fine locks. It will add movement and dimension that will make your hair look dreamy.

Volumizing Curly Bob Cut with Bangs for Thin Hair

volumizing curly bob haircut for women with thinning hair

We often hear that curly bob haircuts are a “no, no” for women with thin hair. But I’m here to prove this wrong. It turns out that it all depends on from the layers and not making them too prominent. According to some hair specialist, if you adapt a textured curly bob the layers should be done in s subtle way that will define your natural curls.

Wolf Haircut with Curtain Bangs for Women with Thin Hair

wolf cut with curtain bangs for women with thin hair

Ahh, yes! The famous wolf cut that made such an appearance in the beginning of 2023. A lot of celebrities have tried wearing it and love it. However, can women with thin hair wear it? The answer is yes, but with curtain bangs. The curtain bangs are also one of the best solutions, when it comes to hiding thinning hair.

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Textured Bob Haircut for Women Over 50: Before VS After

textured bob for women over 50 before vs after hide thinning hair

Here is the perfect example of how a textured bob cut can transform you completely. If your hair is thinning and lacking volume, it is best if you adapt layers that start on top. Also, for women with short hair it is better if you cut it in a face-framing way.

Classic Bob Haircut with Side Swept Bangs for Women Over 60

classic bob with side swept bangs for women over 60 with thin hair

You can never go wrong with a classic bob haircut with side swept bangs! If you are a woman in her 60s, adapting something chic can change a lot in how you look and feel. Is your hair thinning at the moment? No worries, the side swept bangs will camouflage it and make your bob cut look at its best!

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Hairstyles to Hide Thinning Hairline

hair bun with bangs for women with thinning hair

Normally, we always go for an updo, if our hair is dirty or we want something quick. But for the ladies with thinning hair, an updo can make things even worst! Here come the bangs to save the day! If you are in love with updos as much as we are, then think about bangs that will hide your thinning hair.

Textured Bob with Curtain Bangs: Before VS After

textured bob haircut with curtain bangs hide thinning hair

Did somebody say textured blunt bob haircut with curtain bangs? Yes, yes we did! Just look at the difference that it can make for your thinning hair! It will not only make it voluminous, but the curtain bangs will make your hair appear super thick!

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