2023 Long Flipped Bob Haircut: How to Style The Newest Trend?

by Gabby

Recently, we have surpresing you with a lot of hair trends that are coming back from the 90s. However, have you ever wondered what were the hairstyles in the 1960s? Today, we are going to talk about one of them! What is the long flipped bob? Why is it so trendy? How to adapt it?

what is a flipped bob haircut 2023

What Is a Long Flipped Bob?

This flipped bob was inspired by women in the 1960s, who carefully curled their hair ends upwards to achieve the hairstyle’s silhouette. The haircut was an absolute hit and women like Jackie Kennedy and Mary Tyler Moore made it their signature look. Now, this hairstyle is back in fashion and many of our stars like Nicki Minaj, Kourtney Kardashian, Keke Palmer and others are wearing it with pride. What is the hairstyle? As you know the classic bob is known for its blunt ends. However, the flipped bob haircut’s ends point upwards in order to achieve this elegant coquettish vibes.

long flipped bob haircut 2023


Who Can Wear The Long Flipped Bob Haircut?

As it turns out the long flipped bob is a timeless haircut, that can be adapted by any woman who wants something sophisticated and chic for her next hairstyle. But can everybody wear this classic cut? Women with short hair can adapt the haircut with the flipped ends, and women with medium length hair as well. If you have curly hair, however, the effect will not be the same. We are not saying that you shouldn’t take the plundge and try it as well. But, the famous hairstyle looks amazing on people with straight hair.

flipped bob 2023 haircut trends ideas who can wear it

How to Style the Long Flipped Bob Haircut 2023?

We know that not everyone’s hair is flipped naturally at the ends. But, worry not! You can easily style it at home and make it look like you just came out from the salon. We recommend using a hair straightner, instead of a curling iron, because you can control the curling a bit more. How to do it?

  • First, make sure that your hair is detengaled. Use a product that will make your hair look shiny and soft. There shouldnt be any frizz as well, because the hairstyle won’t look the same. The whole purpose of this haircut is to look super chic and clean. Keep that in mind when you are using the products.
  • Start by separating your hair into sections. For the girlies with curly hair, to adapt this haircut, you should straigheten your entire hair first. If you have a natural straight hair, then simply use the hair straighetener to remove the frizz.
  • Then, start flipped the hair ends, section by section, going upwards.
  • When you are done, you can also do a bit more styling as shown on the video. You can do a half up half down pony tail.
  • If you want to make the hairstyle last all day long, then apply a bit of a hair spray.

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Should The Long Flipped Bob Be Side or Center Parted?

As you have already found out, this hairstyle is easy to adapt by any stylish lady. But how to wear it? That depends entirely on your preferences. If you have bangs, you can wear the long flip bob on one side, but if not, you can part your hair in the center. Either way, the hairstyle will look great.Many women use a styling product or a little gel to smooth their hair and make it look even better. This will make it last all day and you also won’t have to worry about frizzy hair.

flipped bob haircut for long hair how to style it

2023 Flipped Bob Haircut for Women Over 60

long flipped bob haircut for women over 60

Can women  over 60 adapt the newest hit – long flipped bob? If you are into the Old Money or Quiet Luxury style, this haircut is ideal for you! Women over 60 can look absolutely stunning and sophisticated with the long flipped bob haircut. There are many reasons to adapt it in 2023, but the main one is that it is super easy to maintain and style at home. You won’t have to spend much time at the salon or even spend money on products. You simply have to cut your hair into a bob haircut and flip your hair ends upwards. The results are guearantueed! You are going to love it!

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Long Flipped Bob 2023 Inspo

flipped hairstyle trend long bob priyanka chopra

J Lo Long Bob Flipped Hairstyle Trend 2023

flipped hair trend 2023 long bob haircut j lo

Lob Haircut Flipped Hairstyle Trend 2023

flipped hairstyle lob haircut 2023

Long Bob with Flipped Ends

long flipped bob haircut brunettes ideas

Choppy Long Bob with Flipped Ends and Curtain Bangs

choppy flipped long bob haircut ides 2023

Keke Palmer’s Long Flipped Side Parted Bob Hairstyle

long bob with flipped ends keke palmer

Nicki Minaj Barbie Flipped Hairstyle Trend

flipped out long bob nicki minaj

Face-Framing Flipped Lob Haircut

face framing long flipped bob haircut 2023

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