Box Bob: The Guide to The Newest Hit Among Haircuts in 2023

by Gabby

Are you excited every time we introduce you with a new hairstyle? Let me tell you that I let my imagination run wild and think about what I would look like with a brand new cut. Here comes the newest one – box bob haircut! What is the box bob? How to style it? Who can wear it and who should avoid it?

what is box bob haircut hailey bieber blunt hairstyle short

What Is a Box Bob?

This hairstyle is one of the most famous among the Instagram influencers we follow and like so much, and among the stars – Haikey Bieber is rocking it proudly this Summer 2023. But what is a box bob? The cut is short, doesn’t have any layers and is a type of blunt bob that reminds us of a box. That’s exactly why it has this name. Don’t imagine something with rough shapes, on the contrary – the hairstyle can make you look very feminine and can soften your facial features. However, who can actually wear the box bob?

who can wear the box bob haircut 2023


Who Can Wear The Box Bob Haircut?

People are under the impression that bob hairstyles are very specific and that it is difficult to adapt one that fits you perfectly. But actually, that’s not exactly the case. A box bob cut fits people with thick or thin hair. If you have thin hair and want to make it look fuller, the blunt effect at the hair ends will give you just that effect.

Who does it suit according to face shapes? Let’s take Hailey for example. She has defined cheekbones and a square face shape, but the box cut that she is wearing is giving her that elegant look. With that being said, the cut is perfect for squared face shapes. If you have rounder cheeks, our hair experts advise adapting something with curtain bangs that will draw attention to your eyes.

box bob blunt haircut short hairstyle trends summer 2023 hailey bieber

How to Style a Box Bob Cut?

Let’s start by saying that according to many hair experts, the box bob is one of the low-maintenance hairstyle that is easily adaptable by everyone. It looks classy on both curly and straight hair, since it gives off this “old money” vibes. The hair texture is important, don’t get us wrong! However, knowing how to style a haircut is essential, if you want to make it look good. So, how to style the box bob cut?

First, make sure that you are using high-quality products, because you have to make your hair look shiny. If your hair is dull-looking, then don’t believe that you can make it look like Hailey Bieber’s cut. First rule is “make it shiny”, simple enough! Second, the box bob, same as the blunt one, looks the best if you style it with light waves. This means trying to create this beachy and effortless curls, that are ideal for the Summer season 2023!

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how to style a box bob haircut 2023

French Bob vs Box Bob Haircut

What is the difference between French bob and box bob haircut? The French one is known to have layers and that it creates a softer texture, because it does not have blunt ends. You can adapt it easily with bangs and it also looks great on curly, wavy or straight hair. While the box bob haircut does not have any layers, it has blunt hair ends and the lines of the cut should have perfect symmetry. Do they look similar? Both of them are one of the shortest hairstyles that the it-girls are adapting at the moment, but they are not the same at all! Both of the cuts, however, are very easy to style and to maintain.

french vs box bob haircut 2023

Box Bob Haircut for Women Over 60 with Glasses

box bob haircut for women over 60 with blunt bangs and glasses

Can women over 60 with glasses wear the box bob haircut? Not that they can, but they absolutely should, because it is going to make them look and feel youthful, edgy and super fashionable. Ladies, if you are wearing glasses, bangs are necessary, since they are going to soften your facial features and of course, they will hide that wrinkles on the forehead. The main advantage of the trendy cut is that it looks great on white and gray hair, and it suits all hair textures.

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Should Your Wear Box Bob with Bangs?

Box bob is very versatile as you may tell already. You can rock it with your curls, straight locks or beach waves and you are going to look absolutely stunning. But can you adapt it with bangs? All the bob hairstyles look incredible with bangs, but when it comes to box bob cut, the best kind would be the blunt ones. They are going to match with the blunt hair ends and the result will be edgy and chic!

box bob haircut with bangs 2023

Bob Boho Knotless Box Braids

bob boho knotless box braids black women hairstyle 2023 ideas

For my beauties out there, who are used to braiding their hair, but also want a bob cut, I have some good news! The box bob haircut can be adapted with these knotless braids, that are the main hype on the internet right now! Just imagine how good you’ll look on the beach this Summer, rocking this hairstyle!

Box Bob Haircut 2023 Ideas

box bob haircut with beach waves

Short Box Bob Haircut for Straight Hair

short box bob cut straight hair trends 2023

Box Bob Cut with Rounded Fringe

box bob haircut with rounded fringe

Blunt Box Bob Haircut with Baby Bangs for Gray Hair

box bob haircut with baby bangs gray hair

Can You Wear Box Bob Haircut 2023 with Curls?

box bob haircut with curls

Box Bob with Blunt Bangs and Waves

box bob haircut with blunt bangs and waves

Box Bob for Straight Hair

blunt box bob haircut for straight hair

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