Updos for Short Hair: Keep Your Locks off the Face Skillfully for a Marvelous Look!

by Snezhana Besarabova

Short hair allows you to be incredibly versatile and stylish, if you find a pretty way to keep it off your face and forehead. Thankfully, there could be discovered some updos for short hair ideas, which to keep your locks in a special place, bringing magnificent flair to your hairstyle. How to achieve a marvelous short hair look, not sacrificing much time?

How Do I Keep Short Hair off My Face?

        10 wedding updos for short hair make a pretty look

Short hairstyle may be quite pretty, but there is one common issue, what to do with strands falling onto your face? Try to manage your locks in check with updos for short hair tricks:

  1. Hair clips with bobby pins: Tuck away the hair strands, falling on your face, with pins or clips. Choose between a chic side-swept look or pin the hair, and keep it backward.
  2. Bands for hair and head: Try the options with stylish headbands or hairbands to keep the hair off your face. This will also bring a trendy flair to your style.
  3. Texturizer or hairspray: They both help in maintaining the shape of your hair, minimizing the chances it to fall into your forehead.

Show Me How to Do an Updo with Short Hair?

2 knotted updo make it in five minutes


Making updos for short hair might seem tricky, but with some simple technique, you can have a fascinating look:

  • Knotted updo hairstyle: Divide your hair into two sections and tie them into a knot at the nape of your neck. Continue doing this until you reach your ends, and fix this hair position with bobby pins. This unique technique adds a flair of sophistication to your face.
  • Wrapped hair updo: Take your hair at the back and twist it into a low bun. Wrap with a hairband or scarf around the bun till you reach a flattened and elegant look.

3 messy updos for short hair wrapped short hair

  • Half-bun hair: Take the top part of your hair and twist it into a bun at the crown of your head. Fix it with bobby pins, and let the rest of your hair flow freely. Although it is a casual updo, it works well for special occasions also.

1 half bun cute updos for short hair

How to Style Short Hair Yourself?

Styling updos for short hair yourself can be a pleasing moment, following the suitable techniques, like these:

  • Magnificent low updo: Comb all the hair back making a ponytail at the nape of your neck. Finally, twist the ponytail into a low bun and secure the position with pins. Now, you have a classic style, which is great for your formal occasions.

4 easy summer updos for short hair

  • Dutch braided short style: Begin with braiding a small part of your front hair, arranging the locks under one another. Go on braiding along the hairline, and when you reach the back of your head, secure this form with pins. This chic hairdo prevents from falling your hair on face and is interesting and elegant.

5 lovely short hair updos double braids 1

  • Decorative style with accessory: Decorate your hair by adding a lovely hair accessory. This may well be a floral hairpin, statement headband or a sparkly barrette. You’ll see how one lovely accessory is able to enhance your appearance instantly.

6 caramel updo messy braid flowers

Easy Summer Updos for Short Hair

You may hear the false opinion that handsome braided hairdos are not for ladies who rock short hairstyles. On the contrary, they totally are. The following hairstyles prove it:

  • Braided hairdo. Create a stylish braided updo hair, beginning with parting your hair on one side and dividing it into three parts. Start braiding from the front part and end behind the ears to see how unique is this with your own eyes. All you need is just a little change in the braiding technique.

7 cute and easy updos for short hair

  • Side part with micro braids. Let you have an intricate look with this hairstyle. Keep your hair on one side, which should be clean and without tangles. Divide the rest of your hair into small sections, knitting micro braids. It’s possible to braid all the way down or leave lengths at the ends. Gather the remaining hair at the back and make a low bun or twist it into a chic knot. This hairstyle combines the advantages of micro braids with a stylish side part.

8 half updos for short hair

  • Ballerina bun updo hairstyle. Distinguish with a sophisticated look of a ballerina bun, taking all your hair into a high ponytail at the crown of your head. Then twist the hair formation around its base, reaching a bun shape. Keep it in place with bobby pins, and ensure it sits tight on your head. With a help of a hairspray, maintain the flyaway locks fixed, and the bun sleek. The ballerina bun updo is a graceful and charming way to wear your hair, perfect for special occasions.

9 emma watson ballerina bun 1

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