Bob Updos for Short Hair: Look At These Cool and Trendy Hairstyles!

by Kremy

Bob, pixie, buzz cut, etc. – it’s no secret that short hairstyles are one of the biggest hairstyle trends this year. But we can understand that too – after all, a short haircut feels wonderfully light and refreshing, especially in summer. Unfortunately, the repertoire of styling options for short hair can, well, fall short. And if you’ve also made the move, you may be missing the ease of a simple ponytail or messy bun. But it doesn’t have to be like that! Not all looks work with a short hairstyle and complicated braids and the like have to be avoided. Luckily, there are still plenty of great bob updos for short hair that look cool and last all day.

Bob Updos for Short Hair for a Modern Look

Bob updos for short hair summer trends 2022

Pixie with undercut, choppy bob or curly hairstyles – short hair is trendy and always looks really chic. Numerous stars have also said goodbye to their long hair and shown us how versatile short hairstyles actually are. Thanks to the ingenuity and creativity of some of the best hairstylists, bob updos for short hair are more versatile and exciting than ever. While sometimes it’s not that easy and the artworks fall apart quickly, it’s still possible to rock an updo with short hair.

Twisted bun hairstyle DIY bob updos for short hair


So that the hairstyle really lasts all day and no strands fall out, choose a look that best suits your hair type and hair length. Updos such as a messy bun, a bun or simple braids work beautifully with a classic shoulder-length bob or the trendy lob. If your hair is a little shorter, then you are in good hands with half-up hairstyles. Alternatively, you can also help yourself with hair clips or hair slides, which are in trend again this summer anyway.

Ponytail Variations for Short Hair

Bob Updos Short Hair Ponytail variations

Ready in 2 minutes and super easy – the ponytail is THE classic among hairstyles. Whether for sports or spiced up with trendy accessories for a special occasion – a ponytail always works and is anything but boring. A low ponytail at the nape of the neck is currently one of the most popular trend hairstyles in summer and is undoubtedly one of the simplest bob updos for short hair. Just tie your hair in a low ponytail and you’re done! For a more casual look, let a few strands fall in front of your face. And if you want something a little more elegant, first brush your hair straight and then gather it at the nape of your neck.

Half-Up Hairstyles for Short Hair

summer 2022 hairstyles trend Half up ideas updos for short hair

Would you like to tie your short mane together quickly and stylishly or do you need ideas for festive bob updos for short hair? Conjured up in a few seconds and really chic – never underestimate the power of a good half-up look! Half-up hairstyles work perfectly with absolutely any hair length and radiate a very special elegance. To do this, simply separate the hair at about ear level and tie it either into a small ponytail or into a bun.

Half up updo for short hair hairstyle for wedding guests

The half-up is clear proof of how versatile and exciting bob updos for short hair can be. Straight, curly or spiced up with hair accessories – the sky is the limit! The absolute favorite look of all fashionistas this summer? Festive hairstyles for short curly hair! Gentle beach waves provide a casual and playful touch and give our mane an extra portion of volume and dynamics.

Messy Bun for Short Hair

casual updos for short hair curly bob trend hairstyle summer 2022

We all know and love it – the messy bun! The hairstyle is probably perfect for anyone who has no time or desire for complicated styling and is always a great eye-catcher. So it’s no surprise that the look made it onto our list of the coolest bob updos for short hair. Depending on the length of your hair, you can tie your hair back either low at the nape of your neck or at ear level. Then pluck out a few strands at the front and you’re good to go! Especially in combination with small curls, the messy bun is a great eye-catcher and the ultimate beach hairstyle.

Boxer Braids as Bob Updos for Short Hair

Boxer braids trend hairstyle summer 2022

Braids and braided hairstyles are only for a long mane? Not at all! The cool boxer braids also work wonderfully as bob updos for short hair! Once known as a simple sport hairstyle, the look is enjoying great popularity this year and can be perfectly adapted to absolutely any hair length. Whether as a playful festival hairstyle or for a casual beach look – boxer braids can be worn on any occasion and are always a real eye-catcher.

Space Buns

Hairstyles trend Summer 2022 Bob Updos for Short Hair

Why settle for just one bun when you can wear two? Playful, casual and very chic – space buns are THE trend hairstyle for summer 2022! They also look really great with a bob and are easily done in no time at all. Simply divide your hair in two, tie two ponytails and then twist them into a “snail” and you’re done – that’s how quickly you can create the space buns as an updo for short hair! With hair accessories, such as bobby pins, the hairstyle looks much more exciting and extravagant.

Spice Up Bob Updos with Hair Accessories

simple hairstyle trends summer 2022

Are you invited to a wedding and looking for elegant bob updos for short hair? We’ve got you covered! Accessories such as bobby pins and hair clips in all imaginable designs are very trendy this summer and give even the simplest bun a classy and modern touch.

Bobby pins trendy hairstyles summer 2022 bob updos short hair

In addition, the small accessories are an excellent way to hold all the loose strands in an elegant way. For a longer hold, don’t forget to fix the hairstyle with plenty of hairspray.

Bob Updos For Short Hair: The Most Beautiful Looks

Double buns trend hairstyle summer 2022 short bob styling

Multiple Small Buns Look Fun and Modern

Updos for thin short hair hairstyles summer 2022

Updos for Short Hair Can Also Look Very Eccentric

Miley Cyrus Hairstyles keeping hair off the face

Half-Up Hairstyles for a Casual and Modern Summer Look

Space buns trendy hairstyle summer 2022 simple bob updo

Festive Updos for Short Hair Radiate a Unique Elegance

chignon updos for short hair

Barrettes Transform Even the Simplest Hairstyle into a Great Eye-Catcher

Hairstyle wedding guest simple updos for short hair

Beach Waves Make Your Short Hair Look Thicker and Livelier

Short haircuts trends summer 2022 bob hairstyle

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