Fall 2023 Hair Color: The Hottest Shades We’ll See Everywhere!

by Kremy

When a woman changes her hair color, she is ready to change her life! And what better occasion than the start of the new season? With the change of season comes a change of style. It’s the perfect time to get inspired to start the new season in style! So, which fall 2023 hair color will suit you best?

hair color fall 2023 trends

Hair Color Fall 2023: Which One Is for You?

The DeaVita team has consulted the hair specialists and here are the TOP predictions for fall 2023. Choose from 5 wonderfully trendy hair colors in order to make you look even more radiant than you already are! A new haircut and a new hair color may be the missing piece of the puzzle that will allow you to perfect your personal style! In addition, depending on your undertones, we will see which shade will suit you best! Here is now the TOP 5 of the most trendy hair colors for fall!

Copper Auburn Hair Color Trend

copper auburn hair color trend


Not even the fiery pits of Mordor can replicate the ardor of this color! We start with the most obvious fall hair color: auburn. Reminiscent of the flamboyant colors of falling leaves, the fox sneaking through your garden and the carved pumpkin in your neighbor’s yard just in time for Halloween… Fall is definitely the season for redheads! Even more for the copper auburn hair color trend! To make this shade complement your best features and give you a mesmerizing look, you need to consider your undertones. If you have a warm undertone, copper is definitely for you and will flatter your skin to the max by making it radiant.

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Polar Blonde Hair Color 2023

polar blonde hair color 2023

Polar blond is a royal hair color, often associated with winter, hence its name. Reminiscent of snowy fields in the cold, this color suits almost everyone! As you might have guessed, it’s the cooler-toned women whom it suits the most! If you want to become an iconic ice queen, why not take the plunge? For women with warmer or neutral tones, you can try this hair color by making your roots darker and warmer and adding subtle, yet warmer highlights to complement your skin tone.

Cocoa Blonde Hair Color

cocoa blonde hair color

Who is cocoa blonde hair color for? Women with neutral tones win! However, if you add ash highlights, you can make it perfect for women with cool undertones. The best part is that it doesn’t need a lot of maintenance, unlike polar blonde or platinum blonde. So it’s a better choice for women with fine hair because it doesn’t damage the hair so much. This is a great hair color idea for women who can’t decide between blonde and brown… If you’re one of them, you can also take a look at bronde hair.

Dark Espresso Hair Color

dark espresso hair color


For my dark hair, a close friend of mine once said to me, “There’s nothing more beautiful than a dark-haired woman.” And honestly, while many people find brown boring, we at DeaVita find it exciting! If light brown isn’t your thing, why not try the trending dark espresso color? It’s perfect for all skin tones and contrasts beautifully against the skin, highlighting your best features.

Caramel and Honey Highlights on Dark Brown Hair

caramel and honey highlights on dark brown hair

As the crowns of the trees begin to burn in flamboyant colors and slowly crumble to pave the streets with crisp leaves of brown, caramel and honey colors… We are mesmerized! Already have a dark brown and don’t plan on changing the base color, but still need a refreshing change? Caramel and honey highlights are always a good idea! It’s a great idea to try, as it suits all skin tones thanks to the texture and dimension it creates with the different shades. So… Which fall 2023 hair color do you like?




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