The Most Talked About Celebrity Haircuts of 2023 – Why Are They Trending?

by Stephanie Yankova

With the beginning of Spring, we all start to feel inspired to reinvent ourselves. New year, new season, new possibilities! In the Hindu religion, people only cut their hair when a significant life event occurs. It’s considered to be sacred, a representation of your cultural identity and sense of belonging. We may not all practice Hinduism, but this seems to be a universal subconscious belief that carries through society as a whole. Nowadays, life moves so quickly, the world is ever-changing, people are constantly trying to adapt, and significant life events are a much more frequent occurrence than they used to be in the past. Consequently, the amount of hairstyles we go through in a year has also increased drastically. Let’s take a look at some of the celebrities who went through such major transformations that their hairstyles became an unprecedented internet trend! These are the most talked about celebrity haircuts of 2023!

Steph Curry’s Major Hair Transformation

stephen steph curry golden state warriors new haircut 2023

Credits: warriors

Over the years, we’ve seen the Golden State Warriors forward go through various hairstyles, which most certainly haven’t gone unnoticed by his fans. During the premiere of his documentary “Steph Curry: Underrated” people were surprised to see him rock a brand-new haircut, significantly shorter than how he usually wears it and very reminiscent of the one he used to have during his rookie season. In the case of Curry, his new haircut might just be the leap of faith that the Warriors fans are looking for, as he jokingly said in an interview in 2021 that his short hair will put the beginning of a winning streak for his NBA team.

The Edgar Cut Craze

edgar haircut new trend 2023 latinos viral hairstyle


The Edgar cut has been growing in popularity amongst the Latino youth, mainly because of a viral TikTok trend that has been circulating the web recently. It’s reminiscent of a bowl cut with tapered sides and has some resemblance to some of the hairstyles that used to be worn by Indigenous Native Americans.

Where Does the Edgar Cut get its Name From?

edgar martinez portrait haircut 2023

It all started with a fan of the world-famous baseball player Edgar Martinez who went to his barber and asked him if he can cut and shape a portrait of the Major League player on the back of his head. Once the portrait was done, the barber shared a video of the haircut on social media. Because of the portrait and the uncanny resemblance it had with Edgar Martinez, the haircut that the portrait was incorporated into took after the baseball player’s first name.

Brittney Griner’s Big Return to the Court With A Striking New Hairdo

brittney griner haircut new short hairstyle phoenix mercury

Credits: phoenixmercury

After her big return to the WNBA League and re-signed contract with the Phoenix Mercury, Brittney Griner showed up on the court with a brand-new hairstyle that left everybody in the room in awe! Ditching her signature long locks for a much shorter low fade cut, the WNBA legend was all smiles, ready to take over the upcoming season.

The Jake Paul Haircut that Everybody is Talking About

jake paul haircut modern men hairstyle trend 2023

Credits: jakepaul

The latest haircut of the newly established boxer professional boxer has been at the center of attention for quite some time now. If you’ve been growing your hair out during the winter, and now you’re wondering what to do with it, we recommend you try this mane-like hairdo with a high side fade and shaggy curly top.

John B Haircut – The Viral Style that Gen Z Can’t Get Enough of

john b outer banks viral haircut trend 2023

The origin story of the John B haircut is quite humble, yet the cultural effect it had (and continues to have) was astronomical! John B is a fictional character played by actor Chase Stokes in the Outer Banks series, and his signature hairstyle is the absolute main event of the show that seems to have everyone completely mesmerized! The 101 of the haircut – it’s a layered, textured bob perfect for people with wavy or curly hair. If you have straight, thin hair – my sincere apologies, but unfortunately this hairstyle isn’t suitable for your hair type.

Superstar Pride’s Unique Signature Haircut

superstar pride hairstyle trend 2023

In the famous words of Doja Cat: “It was supposed to give, but it did not give what needed to be gave to the highest of giving”. Rapper Superstar Pride’s hair is one of the main reasons for his popularity and big social media following. He wears the front of his hair short, even recently styled it in waves and uploaded a video of his new look on TikTok that went viral overnight. On the back, however, he wears it at an awkward length that makes his appearance extremely attractive to his fans due to its obscurity. If I had to describe to someone what a skullet would look like on type 4 hair, that would probably be it. If you don’t know what a skullet is – keep reading, I’m about to educate you on another pearl in the sea of trendy haircuts for men in 2023.

Celebrity Haircuts You Can’t Unsee – The Skullet

damon albarn skullet haircut trend 2023

“Meeting your mum and dad for dinner at 8” at the front, and “throwing a rave party on the rooftop of an abandoned building” at the back. This is a haircut that simply won’t go unnoticed and if you’re brave and confident enough to rock casually one of those – kudos to you, my friend!

Jennifer Aniston Brings Back the Classic 90’s “Rachel Haircut”

jennifer anistor haircut 2023 90s classic trend comeback

Credits: jenniferaniston

The loved by many, “Friends” star – Jennifer Aniston – brought back one of our favorite hair trends to ever exist – the “Rachel haircut”. Significantly longer than the super layered short cut in the series, this more mature version of the hairstyle is the one 90s trend we hoped to make a comeback in 2023 and our prayers have been answered!

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