Trendy Curtain Bangs: The Perfect Finishing Touch For a Spring Haircut 2023!

by Leanne Edwards

Looking for a cute new hairstyle for 2023? Well, look no further, why not try out some trendy curtain bangs? It’s a super fun hairs-do which is easy to maintain and looks amazing on any type of face and hairstyle. Here I am going to show you how you too can achieve the perfect look!

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Do curtain bangs slim your face?

Well, it is safe to say that from the trendy bangs in 2023 , the curtain fringe really do have that slimming effect. They fall at the sides of your cheeks, which certainly draws more attention towards your eyes. If you have a round face, they will look flattering on you and will elongate it in the best way possible. Who doesn’t want these snatched cheekbones? I mean curtain bangs are the simple answer for you!

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Trendy curtain bangs: How to choose them according to hair type?
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The great thing with having curtain bangs is that they work on long and short hairstyles. It doesn’t require a lot of styling and is so easy for if you have a busy lifestyle. The nice thing about having your hair in such a style is that it really frames your face. It’s awesome for if you have a sharp jawline as it accentuates it perfectly. Another fact about having this type of style is that you can get different looks from it. For instance, if you have thick hair, the bangs are going to sit chunkier at the front. Whereas if you’re one of those people who have very thin hair, you’re going to get a more wispy and flowing effect. You can go for choppy, wavy, chunky, wispy or beachy. If you hair allows it, find out 6 ways to wear your trendy curtain bangs with side part!

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What curtain bangs to choose according to your face shape?

You’re probably asking yourself “what type of curtain bangs should I get, according to facial features?”. To be honest, whichever you decide to go for, you’re going to look amazing. However, there are always things you should look out for when getting a new haircut. Especially, if you are planning on cutting bangs, there are certain things that you should know for your facial features and face shape.

  • What is the best face shape for curtain bangs? The answer is the diamond shape! This is a match made in heaven, quite literally. The best way to adapt them is to avoid the long length and focus on something shorter instead. That way you will let your cheekbones shine trough and the fringe will only highlight your features in a very subtle way.
  • For people with heart-shaped faces, blunt curtain bangs should be avoided AT ALL COST. They can create this illusion that your chin is very narrow. Instead, opt for something swoopy and short that will not cover your eyebrows.
  • Girlies with oval-shaped faces are literally living the dream, since that shape goes with every trendy curtain bangs out there. Are still wondering if you should take the plunge and cut your bangs, try something simple at first like the wispy version.
  • The ideal curtain bangs for round face would be something with a lot of texture. This will create the illusion that your cheeks are smaller.
  • How to cut your bangs if you have a square face? Try something that will be right on the top of the eyebrows. Shorter curtain bangs are a MUST for you.

How to do trendy curtain bangs at home?

If you’re feeling brave, you might like to take a chance at being your own hair stylist. What you need to do is brush your hair out and especially pay attention to the front of your head. Now take the strands at the front and wet them slightly so you can cut more easily. Follow the rest of the steps in the video to create the perfect face-framing curtain bangs.

Now, for the ladies that are not confident enough with the scissors, I would recommend to simply call your hairdresser and ask for appointment. You can show them one of these photos for inspiration.

Trendy hairstyle with curtain bangs 2023: What products to use for this effect?

curtain bangs for oval face shape blonde hairstyle ideas 2023

You can also shop around and find a texturizing medium hold sea-salt spray. This will also assist in giving you effortless trendy curtain bangs. Just remember, having the bangs will take around 3 months to grow back to their usual longer length. Just keep it in mind! If you are wondering what else you use on your hair to give it the wow effect, you can find a good wax. For instance, us girls here in the office have found that the best waxes to use are the modelling wax by TAFT, Surf hair wax by Garnier and Well-Groomed Wizard. We found it was well worth the money and we needed the smallest amount to achieve the desired result for our trendy curtain bangs. Here are more styling tips: Find how to make curtain bangs swoop with these hair tricks!

Are curtain bangs in style? Find out with these examples!

curtain bangs for this spring haircut trends 2023

Curtain bangs for straight hair

curtain bangs for straight hair jennifer lopez hairstyle ideas

Bob haircut with curtain bangs

bob haircut with curtain bangs trendy hairstyles 2023

Trendy hairstyles with curtain bangs 2023

trendy curtain bangs hairstyle ideas according to face shape women

Curtain bangs for medium length hair

curtain bangs 2023 how to choose them according to face shape hairstyle ideas for women

Curtain bangs for long hair

curtain bangs for long hair 2023 haircut ideas hillary duff

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