What Is the Bubble Haircut? 15 Looks on Spring 2023’s Latest Hair Trend

Written by Kristiyana Burdeva

Are you girls looking for a new cute and trendy hairstyle to wear this Spring 2023? I’ve got just the thing for you – say hello to the Bubble Haircut! So far this year, we’ve seen a big shift in focus from long hairstyles towards shorter ones. The bob is the haircut of 2023, as a lot of celebrities like Hailey Bieber, Zendaya, Elsa Hosk and Lori Harvey have ditched their long locks of hair for chin-length, vintage and bluntly-cut bobs. And the bubble bob haircut is the latest item on the list to add to those perfect-for-spring hairstyles. But what is the bubble haircut, and how can you get it? Keep on reading to find out.

What is the new bubble haircut 2023?

bubble haircut 2023

As its cute name suggests, the bubble bob haircut has a rounded shape, and a lot of volume at the roots. It’s bouncy and has flicky layers that give it a care-free and airy look. This cut is just what any girl needs to enjoy the warm spring days. Some celebs have already been spotted with a similar haircut, and we can only expect it to become more popular as the summer days approach. But how to get this trendy look? What guidelines should you offer your hairstylist when getting the bubble bob?

How to get the trendy spring look?

bubble bob with middle part

To achieve the trendy 2023 bob haircut, ask your hair stylist for a chin-lenght bob with some weigh taken out at the back of your hair. They should also give you a stylish inward flick at the ends to get that rounded bubble shape. Of course, it’s always best to bring pictures with you to the salon to show exactly what you desire. This cut looks best with a glassy and gleaming finish, so adding a shine spray to your hair styling routine is utmost necessary. Looking to get some hair inspiration for your bubble bob cut?

Bubble bob hairstyles 2023

lori harvey bob haircut

For your next visit to the hair salon, why not try Lori Harvey’s sleek and shiny take on the bubble haircut? It’s very sexy and can easily be pulled off by girls with naturally straight hair. To keep your tips looking rounded, use a flat iron to curl them inward.

Bubble bob with curtain bangs

bubble bob cut with curtain bangs

Why not combine two 2023 hair trends into one for your ideal spring look, and get the bubble bob with curtain bangs? Curtain bangs are very stylish and girly. They nicely frame your face and make your hair look even more voluminous. Just what the bubble bob needs!

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Bubble haircut with full fringe

bubble bob with full fringe

Or maybe you prefer the full fringe look as opposed to curtain bangs? A full fringe is a great way to draw attention to your eyes and hide a bigger forehead if you have one. And with the bubble haircut, it looks even more adorable. Don’t you think?

Curly bubble hairstyle 2023

curly bubbe haircut

No one said the trendy bubble cut is only for girls with straight hair! You can easily pull off this warm-weather hairstyle with your curly manes. Plus, some curls will just add to the free-spirited and airy look of this cute spring haircut.

Deep side part for bubble hair

bubble haircut with side fringe

Want to add some edge to this charming hairstyle? Opt for a deep side part that you can turn into a faux fringe! You can even slightly curl some of its ends to make this hairstyle all the more eye-catching.

Sleek and voluminous bubble bob

sleek bubble haircut

To get the sleek, yet voluminous bubble bob, you will need to wash your hair and then use a blow-dryer and round brush. Add a blow-dry foam to your hair before drying it. Finish the look with a texturing spray.

Bubble bob cut for wavy hair

wavy bubble bob cut

Aren’t Keira Knightley’s cute and soft wavy curls just the perfect look to enjoy on a warm spring day? If you want to get natural-looking waves, make sure you use a microfiber towel to dry your hair after washing it to prevent frizz. After that, add a leave-in mouse, cream, or gel to your hair and let it air dry.

Wispy bangs with a bubble haircut

trendy hairstyles 2023 (2)

More bubble cut looks with bangs? You bet so! For a charming finish to this trendy hairstyle, add a set of wispy bangs to highlight your eyes. This hairstyle would look great on girls with fine hair.

Face-framing bubble bob 2023

airy bob cut

For a very glamorous look, you can also opt for slightly shorter front pieces in your new bubble bob haircut that will beautifully frame your face. This hairstyle can look great both on straight and wavy hair.

The almost blunt bubble haircut

blunt bubble bob haircut

I get why a lot of girls love blunt bobs. They are sexy and make you look like a celebrity. But why not try this almost-blunt bubble bob? The baseline of the hair is almost blunt straight across, yet the rounded layers and stacked shape at the back create airiness.

Bubble cut with light layers

layared bob cut 2023

In this look, some of the sections of hair above the baseline are chopped lightly shorter to create volume and movement.

Messy and sleek bubble haircut

short spring hairstyles 2023

If you like to wear your hair sleek, you can experiment a bit with this bubble bob and give it a messy look. This will add some edge to the haircut.

Side-flipped bubble hairstyle

side glipped bubble bob cut

To make the bubble haircut even more flattering, wear it side-flipped. Perfect look for a night out, wouldn’t you agree?




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