April Nails 2023: Inspire Yourself From The Colors Of The Spring!

by Gabby

Well, hello there, April! Breathe in, girlies, spring is finally here and we get to enjoy the sunny weather and the beautiful flowers and trees around us. Let’s not kid ourselves here, I am not going to talk about the beauty of spring time, however, this is what inspired me to check out the April nails 2023 trends. I am going to show you and inspire you with some manicure designs with bright neon colors and amazing decorations to choose from! What are the April nail colors? What shape is the best one to adapt? Check it out now!

April nails 2023: Inspire yourself from the colors of the spring!

april nails 2023 color shape manicure trends flower decoration french

Spring is officially here and we can finally welcome the bright colors and flowers decoration! In the nail art world, there are a lot of new trends that will surprise you, and old trends that are back on the chart for the top picks in April. What to expect in this article? I am going to show you manicure designs that will put you in the spring mood and that you can match with a lot of your outfits! Let’s dive right in!

spring swirl nails 2023 with pink decoration ideas for april manicure


What is a good nail color for April?

Think about the spring color pallet for a second! Imagine all the beautiful shades that this season is associated with and you will know what is a good nail color for April. There are no strict rules if you want to mix and match different hues. You can certainly draw attention to your manicure and give your hands the transformation they need. The trendy colors this month will be pink, yellow, green, blue, orange, purple, etc… For the girls that are always sticking to the same classic nude manicure, you can check out the lip gloss nails that are a huge hit right now. However, if you are willing to risk it with a bold color, don’t hesitate to try something neon and to go all out with the decoration!

spring nails 2023 flowers pink and green manicure ideas

Blush nails

blush nails 2023 april manicure ideas spring trends

Have you heard about the blush nails trend? No, it is not putting actual blush on your nails, it is this effect that is created by adding a darker pink shade at the center of the nail plate and using a lighter shade of pink or nude as your base. You can add tiny decorations as shown on the photo, or simply leave them as they are – simple, but stunning and feminine!

Aura nails

aura nails april manicure spring trends 2023

Aura print is here with a full force in 2023 and we are loving it! What is the aura print? You know that people believe you can actually see your aura, which is represented by different shades. You can create different patterns using colors that remind you of your aura. I suggest using something springish, as shown on the photo. If you want more inspiration, check out aura nails 2023, that will give you more ideas on what to try out!

April nails 2023: Swirl manicure

april nails 2023 swirl manicure ideas pink and green

Swirl nails are back in the game and you can even turn them into a trendy French manicure. If you don’t want a lot of color on your entire nail plate, you can simply choose your favorite spring shades and make interesting swirls on the top, as a French tip. For the base, you can go for a milky white or pink. Think of which color base will make your swirl manicure pop and go for that one! This version will be perfect as your spring break nails 2023!

Short nails spring manicure 2023

short nails 2023 spring manicure ideas april

Short nails are definitely a classic and a lot of women prefer the comfort that they give, when it comes to running errands. You can make your shorties look incredible, by adapting one of the spring nail trends that you like. My suggesting is to opt for a color that will make their shape pop out and adding simple decoration like white flowers. Have you seen anything cuter recently? I highly doubt it! If you need more inspiration for your manicure in April, check out spring nails 2023 that will help you choose something for your next appointment at the nail salon!

Other April nails 2023 ideas

pink french manicure with flowers spring nails 2023

French nails made with tiny flowers: Spring nail trends 2023

french manicure made with flowers spring nail trends 2023

Abstract nails with flowers

abstract nails with flower decoration ideas spring 2023

Reverse French manicure with animal print and lavender nail polish

reverse french manicure with animal print purple nail polish

Pink swirl nails

pink swirl nails with glitter spring nail design trends 2023 april

April nails 2023: Colorful manicure to try out this spring!

april nails 2023 colorful nail art manicure ideas swirl

Cloud nails with rhinestone decorations

pink cloud nails 2023 april manicure trends

Blush nails with flowers and rhinestones

blush nails with flowers and rhinestones 2023

Animal print nails: Nude manicure trends 2023

animal print nails nude manicure trends 2023

Pink short nails: Spring manicure

short spring nails 2023 ideas for april manicure

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