15 Creative Easter Table Settings Ideas to Try Out in 2023

by Stephanie Yankova

The Easter holidays are approaching and the preparations for the celebration are at their peak! Certainly, one of the most exciting parts is setting the table for our friends and families. There’s nothing like a beautiful bouquet of spring flowers, freshly baked desserts, homemade lemonade and a beautiful table setting to tie it all together. This is a great time for you to get your creative juices flowing and breathe life into your bravest seasonal decoration projects. From colorful floral tablecloths to Easter-themed fina china with hyper-realistic illustrations of rabbits and easter eggs and intricate awe-inspiring statuesque centrepieces – this is your chance to go all out and impress your family with an Easter brunch tablescape they’ll remember long after the holidays have passed. Here are some of the trendiest Easter table settings for 2023 to try out this season!

How to Create an Easter Table Setting like an Expert Decorator?

seasonal tablescape modern ideas easter table setting 2023

There are a few key components that you can implement in your Easter table setting in order to achieve a dazzling tablescape – a set of nice candles, a thematic set of china, fresh flower bouquets and let’s not forget the essential presence of eggs within the decoration, regardless of whether they’re real or faux. Let’s take a look at our selection of Easter tablescapes to help inspire your creative process during this season!

Rattan Tablescape Styling

cherry blossom bouquet minimalist farmhouse natural materials easter table setting 2023


This modern farmhouse-style table setting with a rattan runner across the middle of the table and matching napkins made from natural fabrics helps create an organic look for your table. Keep things simple with white china and clear glasses. The centrepiece of the table is what draws all the attention here with a big cherry blossom bouquet elevated on top of a metal bucket that compliments the farmhouse aesthetic. Let’s not forget that we’re creating a table setting for Easter – there’s no need to beat around the bush here, simply add a big rabbit sculpture in the center of the table right beside your fresh bouquet and you’ve immediately turned your simple rustic tablescape into a minimalist holiday decoration. To add even more to the Easter spirit you can incorporate plates with an illustration of a rabbit because you simply can’t have too many of them!

Floral Easter Table Settings

classy blue gold vintage easter table setting spring 2023 tablescape

This blue table setting looks like it’s taken straight out of a fairytale! Working with one main color and building the rest of the decorations around it is a great way to create consistency within your theme and make your table look more elevated. Don’t shy away from using mismatched plates or glasses, as they add more character and uniqueness to your decor. Here we can see a fun interplay between modern motifs mixed with classic china patterns. This is a great example of how you can bring the Spring feeling of the Easter holiday to your table without necessarily incorporating all the traditional theme elements such as eggs and bunnies, and still end up with an envy-inducing dazzling tablescape!

Elegant White and Gray Easter Table Decoration

elegant white and gray modern easter table decoration ideas 2023

We understand that bright colors and floral patterns aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, so maybe this rustic elegant decoration might be more your style. A linen beige runner looks beautiful in contrast with the dark wooden table. Add some festive Easter decoration that’s in tune with your rustic design pieces, like a small faux nest with quail eggs layered on top of white and gray plates for each seat at the table. It can be a nice little gift for your guests to bring back home! You can incorporate more Easter elements like baby carrots and more little eggs splattered around the table.

Minimalist Easter Tablescape

minimalist natural materials decoration rustic elements easter rable setting

Less is more with this minimalist Easter table setting that’s all about incorporating nature into the setting by the use of organic fabrics and pastel earthy tones. An off-white linen tablecloth can really last you a long time as they are incredibly versatile and look effortlessly good without even having to iron them! You can compliment it with beige napkins of the same fabric to keep a consistent theme and use the same little faux nests with quail eggs we looked at in the previous decoration as a nice thematic decoration that accentuates the organic aesthetic. You can add a couple of taper candles for a more homely feel. Not a fan of flower bouquets? No worries – simply add some branches in little vases – it doesn’t get any more minimalistic than that!

Other Ideas for Easter Table Settings

classic garden outdoor round easter table setting 2023 easy decoration ideas

Lemons and Black and White Checkerboard Tartan for a Modern Garden Feel

fresh lemons faux carrots decoration garden inspired easter table setting 2023

Mix and Match – Faux Grass Table Runner, Golden Accents and Pastel Hues 

elegant gold cutlery green decoration easter table setting trends 2023

Floral China in Pink and Green and a Colorful Alstroemeria Centerpiece

modern tablescape easter table setting 2023 trendy ideas floral elements pink glasses

Vintage Tablescape in Organic Pastel Colors and Woven Rattan Decorations

monochromatic minimalist easter table setting 2023 nude beige white colors

Mini Garden Table Ester Tablescape – Faux Grass Mat and Splatteres Daffodils

outdoor small easter table setting original grass inspired tablescape

Elegant Pastel Pink and White Easter Table Setting 

simple pastel tones easter table setting 2023 decoration ideas

Colorful Tablescape in Vibrant Blue and Yellow with a Classic Rabbit Centerpiece

vibrant spring colors blue yellow floral easter table setting 2023

Sophisticated All White Table Setting with Accent Greenery Decoration

white easter table setting classic design greenery decoration 2023

Colorful Feathers Easter Dining Decor

colorful feathers easter table setting dining decor ideas

Egg-Shaped Plates and Green Color Scheme for a Festive Easter Table Setting

egg shaped plates green color scheme easter table setting

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