Waterfall Fringe: Check Out The Anne Hathaway Bangs That We All Want!

by Gabby

I don’t know about you, but I think it’s that time of the year when everybody needs some change. We all want to try out something new for the spring, without having to do radical transformations. How to achieve this? New manicure – done, we are up with all the nail trends! What about some new spring outfits? No, changing your entire wardrobe and your style can coast you a lot! What about a new hairstyle that will rejuvenate you and make you feel like a new person? Ah, yes! We are back on track with the new waterfall fringe, inspired by none other than Anne Hathaway! Let’s check out the new bangs and how to style them in 2023!

Waterfall fringe: Anne Hathaway bangs that we all want to have!

waterfall fringe haircut anne hathaway bangs ideas trends 2023

Credits: annehathaway

If it isn’t the woman, who is aging like fine wine, to inspire us for a new hairstyle, then I don’t know who else! Anne Hathaway recently showed up with a brand new haircut with bangs, that a lot of people were quick to mention that it reminds us a lot of her character in the movie The Devil Wears Prada. What sparked their imagination was that Anne Hathaway and Anna Wintour, who was allegedly the inspiration behind the book and the movie, sat next to each other at the Michael Kors fashion show. It was a moment that we are all going to remember, since the movie is still among our favorites! But enough about that! Let’s talk about hairstyles!

anne hathaway bangs anna wintour michael kors fashion show devil wears prada moment


What are waterfall bangs?

The waterfall fringe is the new hype on TikTok, and it is because of the naturally swept effect. It looks like you went for a walk on a windy Sunday afternoon, and your hair looks perfect the way it is, without styling! Think about it as if the wind has set your hair in place flawlessly. Why is it called waterfall? Because the pieces of hair has different length and they go longer inward, however they still frame the face in a subtle way. I would say it is the perfect mixture between wispy and curtain bangs, but with a shaggy vibe to them. If you want to get this cut, run to the hair salon and ask your hairdresser for the Anne Hathaway bangs!

waterfall fringe haircut ideas wispy bangs anne hathaway

Waterfall fringe for wavy hair

elizabeth olsen waterfall fringe straight hair ideas haircut trends 2023 blonde

If you want to accentuate your facial features, waterfall fringe is the way to go! Halfway between wispy bangs and long curtain bangs, it will highlight your cheekbones in the best way possible and it will optically give the illusion of snatched cheekbones. What’s the purpose of cutting bangs? They will change your face and make it look more elegant! A study actually shows that women with fringe are perceived as prettier and more feminine, than women without bangs. Now, if you are a lady who has wavy hair, you will save so much time from the styling, because you can just blow-dry the hair and go! And if you don’t have the time for that, you can leave your hair to air-dry and it will look even more natural! Still not sure for the fringe? Check out the French bangs 2023 ideas, if you another idea for something super sophisticated!

Face-framing layers

face framing long hair waterfall haircut trends 2023


Do you want to add movement to your hair and give your face a softer look? This can be easily achieved if you ask your hairdresser for layers and the waterfall fringe, that everyone is currently talking about. There is one exception! If you have a round face shape, I suggest to always use a hair simulator on the internet, where you can upload a photo and try if this hairstyle will suit you. Don’t take the plunge and don’t risk it, because our hair can grow really slowly sometimes and this can be frustrating. Also, for the face-framing layers, you have to make sure that you go to the hair salon at least once a month, to make sure that they are still in the best shape possible!

How to style waterfall fringe?

waterfall bangs ideas haircut trends 2023 dakota johnson

You can achieve a mysterious appearance by leaving space in the middle of your hair, when styling the trendiest fringe of the year. Why? Because that way you can still show off your bangs and a part of your face is not entirely hidden. This will draw attention to your beautiful eyes. You can softly curl your bangs with a hair straightener, or straighten them, depending on your preferences.

What is the Waterfall haircut?

waterfall haircut tiktok hair trends 2023 ideas face framing layers long

You don’t know how to style your medium-length hair? Try layers! The waterfall haircut is here to inspire us to finally take the risk and adapt a new hairstyle that include a lot of volume and movement. What is the waterfall haircut? It’s a cut with soft rounded layers that fall effortlessly and reminds us of waterfall. It does sound magical and it is! If you are not sure what exactly you want for your next haircut appointment, check out the Octopus haircut with layers and face-framing bangs! This will give you another idea for something trendy and chic to try out!


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