Easter Tree 2022 Trends – Minimalist and Natural Decor Ideas

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A decorated Easter tree is a wonderful springtime symbol of awakening and rebirth. This is an original atmospheric decor for any home. It can be either indoor or outdoor decoration. What are Easter tree 2022 trends for decoration? If you are looking for new and original ideas, this article can be your inspiration to try something new.

Easter Tree 2022 Trends – Scandinavian Style Decorating Ideas

Easter Tree 2022 Trends Minimalist and Natural Decor

Easter, being the main Christian holiday, symbolizes the rebirth of spring and the beginning of a new life. That is why Easter symbols and decorations are closely connected to nature. Most people associate Easter with dyed eggs, but this bright holiday has many other interesting symbols. Of course, traditions and rituals vary from one country to another. However, in the modern world, inspiring ideas are adopted by many people and it doesn’t matter whether you live in Europe, the United States or Latin America. One of the most interesting Easter tree 2022 trends is the Scandinavian style decoration based on natural materials and minimalism. This is not unexpected since Scandinavian style has conquered the interior, and is now a trend in the decor of the Easter holidays. The Scandinavian style is intertwined with other styles and traditions and has become a great base for decorating the festive table and not only. We will show you some of the best Easter tree 2022 decor trends that are filled with a light Scandinavian spirit. Hopefully these ideas will inspire you for the festive decoration in your home.

Easter Tree 2022 Decor Ideas – A Traditional or a Minimalist Look?

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At the sight of an Easter tree, you really feel joyful as it conveys a feeling of spring awakening. The Easter tree has a long tradition. In the context of Christianity, it not only symbolizes the beginning of spring but marks the moment of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Decorating an Easter tree is a tradition that is passed from generation to generation.

Traditionally, Easter trees are decorated with dyed eggs, colorful ribbons and are a riot of bright colors. There is nothing wrong with that, of course, but what if brightly colored decorations do not match to the rest of your home? Contemporary interiors are designed in more neutral and natural colors and the trend for minimalistic decorations at holidays is no exception when it comes to Easter. Instead of bright yellow, red, green and blue, we see classic white and muted shades.

A Modern Look at Traditional Easter Tree Ornaments – 2022 Trends

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Those who are attracted to a clean Easter look can choose soft pastels, natural and neutral colors – white, sandy and beige shades. To add an elegant touch – silver or gold accents are a great option. Decorating an Easter in Scandinavian style is not difficult, a couple of branches with a small number of eggs painted in light discreet colors are enough.

There are two main options for an Easter tree. The first is quite simple – decorate a living tree, but for many apartment residents it will be impossible. The second way is easier and less time-consuming – to use dry branches of trees or plants. The length of the branches can be different, depending on your preferences. Five or six branches will be enough, but you can take more. You will also need a vase in which you put the branches. It must be strong enough to support their weight. If you want your Easter tree to last longer, then you need to take a special container, usually used for flowers, and fill it with water.

Decorate Your Easter Tree with Eggs

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Choose Easter tree ornaments that will blend harmoniously with the rest of your festive decoration and overall style of your home. Instead of traditional dyed eggs you can use white, gold or silver eggs. Luckily, the stores offer a huge variety of decorations so you will have no problem finding what you need. You can even decorate the eggs for your Easter tree by yourself – the decoupage technique is very popular and easy craft, which will be a lot of fun for your children as well.

Feathers as Easter Tree Decoration

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Birds and feathers are also symbols of spring and are used for the festive spring decor – Easter wreaths, table decorations, etc. Feathers can be an adorable Easter tree ornament if you want to create a light and airy decoration.

Minimalist Easter home decor ideas

Once you decorate your Easter tree, find the right place for it. It doesn’t have to be placed in the center of the table. To create a festive atmosphere in one space, you can put your Easter tree on a chest of drawers, on the coffee table or at an end table in the living room.


Modern style home decoration twigs and eggs in natural colors


Easter table centerpiece ideas Scandinavian style

Easter tree 2022 trends decorating ideas minimalist style

Modern minimalist Easter decor ideas table centerpiece

Easter Tree 2022 Trends Scandinavian Style Decor


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