DIY Watercolor Easter Eggs – Inspiring Ideas for a Special Holiday

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How to make watercolor Easter eggs? Decorating eggs for Easter is a long tradition about the origin of which there are many legends. Using watercolors is one of the easiest and most colorful ways to make Easter eggs unique and inimitable. By the way, here you can use not only ordinary watercolor, but also watercolor pencils, which will allow you to achieve different effects.

DIY Watercolor Easter Eggs Inspiring Ideas

Watercolor painted eggs are a great holiday activity for both children and adults. You can paint anything on the shell and watercolor is also convenient because you can control the saturation of colors depending on how much the paint is diluted in water. Keep in mind that this is not a permanent dye, but an easy, affordable and fun decorating method.

DIY watercolor Easter eggs are real fun to make

watercolor Easter eggs ideas and techniques


Nowadays the market offers a huge amount of different food colors which make the process of coloring eggs much easier. When it comes to egg decorating, you can find numerous stickers with Easter symbols – from religious to traditional bunnies, chicks, flowers and even funny ones. But in our article we want to focus your attention on DIY watercolor Easter eggs.

The most important thing in this process is not so much decorating eggs, but simply the opportunity to spend time with the whole family in such a fun activity that does not require special artistic skills. It will be great if the whole family is involved in this and, during the process of decorating the eggs, they can talk to each other and get closer.

Painting Easter eggs with water colors is a great way to demonstrate to children how colors work, for example mixing red and blue creates purple. You can also explore how paint changes if you add more or less water, how to dab paint with a sponge or a cloth, how to splatter paint, you can try different patterns and techniques – ombre eggs, speckled eggs, or other fun designs.

Experiment with different techniques to create the most beautiful Easter eggs

watercolor paints and colorful spotted easter eggs

What do you need to paint your Easter eggs with watercolors? Obviously – eggs, watercolor paints (you can use food dye instead), brushes and the most important – inspiration and imagination! Those who have an artistic talent can paint intricate patterns but the rest of us can simply enjoy themselves and create more abstract looking eggs. The great thing about DIY watercolor Easter eggs is that there is no right and wrong, it is fun, even if it is far from artistic.

The process is not complicated. You can use either hard boiled eggs or blown out eggs. If you prefer blown out eggs, you need to poke a hole in each end of a raw egg with a pin. Hold a straw to one hole and blow air through the straw and into the egg, letting the insides flow out from the opposite hole. Do this until the egg is empty. Pour a glass of water over the eggshell to rinse it out. Then use the straw to blow out the water and any remaining egg yolk/white. Repeat until the egg is completely clean.

How to make watercolor Easter eggs

You can first cover the egg with a light layer of paint, and then, while it is still wet, apply more saturated and concentrated spots in color.

You can use watercolor pencils, which are made from pressed watercolors, to draw various patterns on the shell. After that, trace the drawing with a wet brush and get a beautiful abstract effect. This method is great if you are not a very good artist.

DIY watercolor Easter eggs – tricks that you need to know

easter eggs ideas how to decorate with water colors

When you want to paint Easter eggs with watercolors you need to observe some simple rules and it will be good to know some tricks that will help you.

  • To make the paint lay smoother, before boiling the eggs, wipe them with alcohol or water and vinegar mixture.
  • To prevent eggshells from cracking while cooking add a tablespoon of salt to the water.
  • Let hard boiled eggs cool completely, especially if you are going to decorate them with small children.
  • If you want the Easter eggs to shine after painting, rub them with vegetable oil.
  • Put an egg in an egg cup and paint with a brush the upper half of the egg. Let dry and flip the dyed dried part of the egg down and color the remaining half.
  • If you do not like the result, just wash the egg under water until the paint is still wet, wipe it off with a paper towel and you can try painting again.

Easter egg decorating ideas watercolors pastel shades

As you see, DIY watercolor Easter eggs can be real fun to make. Have a look at these inspiring ideas in the photo gallery and enjoy yourselves!


Beautiful DIY watercolor Easter eggs

how to decorate Easter eggs with watercolors

Awesome Watercolor Easter Eggs

beautiful easter eggs ideas watercolors

DIY watercolor easter eggs decorating ideas

how to make beautiful easter eggs with watercolor paints

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