Cute Easter Eggs with Funny Faces – Quick Egg Decorating Ideas

by Kremy

Easter is fast approaching and everyone is preparing for the coming holiday. If you want to create something original and unusual, have a look at these cute Easter eggs with funny faces!

quick and easy egg decorating ideas cute easter eggs with funny faces

Decorated eggs have long been one of the main symbols of Easter. They can be dyed both in traditional ways and in very original, modern and unusual ways. Since Easter is a family holiday, it is good for everyone to decorate eggs together, with the children. We have selected great ideas for you and you may create your own eggs with funny faces.

Funny egg faces ideas – what better way to create good mood and have fun?

adorable easter eggs with cute faces


Funny egg faces ideas are ideal for those who haven’t got the time (or desire) for the classic colored eggs or for those who want something different this year. Egg face painting ideas are so funny and all you need is a little creativity and a sharpie! It doesn’t matter if you are a talented artist or you are not gifted at all. These slightly different and funny Easter eggs are guaranteed to put you in a good mood.

Many egg faces are especially successful and the emotions that they express can be guessed at first sight. Face painting Easter eggs gives them a unique character and makes them look alive. Decorating Easter eggs with funny faces can be a fun activity for the whole family and everyone will have good time and will laugh a lot together.

How to draw funny egg faces?

easter eggs funny decoration egg faces

What you need:

  • Hard boiled or blown out eggs
  • waterproof pens


The technique is pretty easy so we shall give you a couple of tips instead of guidance.

A black or colored pencil looks better on white eggs. If using more than one color, make sure that the first one is dry before using another color.

If you are not sure of your artistic skills, use a pencil to draw the face on the egg. This will allow you to correct the lines if you make a mistake.

Make sure the eggs are dry before you start drawing faces.

diy Easter eggs with funny faces

If you need inspiration, the photo gallery below will give you some ideas of what your funny Easter eggs could look like.


amusing funny Easter eggs ideas


diy easter eggs quick and easy last minute ideas

Decorating Easter Eggs Funny egg faces ideas

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DIY funny Easter eggs draw faces

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