120 Outstanding Easter Tablescape Ideas and Festive Spring Decor

by Kremy

There are a lot of occasions for a family celebration – well-known and beloved holidays, events and anniversaries – they are different in every family. Home decoration for the holiday creates a happy atmosphere, brings joy and cheers up. As every housewife knows, there is no need to spend a fortune on decor. You can combine what you already have with some spring accessories, flowers, colored eggs, etc. We have selected 120 outstanding Easter tablescape ideas which can be your inspiration for the choice of color theme, centerpiece, place setting and overall decor.

pastel blue Easter Tablescape colored eggs flowers

The long-awaited and beloved Easter holiday is very close and you need to have time to do a lot around the house – dye eggs, update festive textiles and decide how your festive table setting will look. Easter is a spring holiday, nature comes to life and everything blooms around. That is the main reason why Easter decor trends combine fresh colors and combinations of different textures. However, if you have a favorite style – farmhouse, rustic, Shabby Chic, vintage, etc. – you should keep to the colors and materials that are typical for the particular concept. Of course, we shall help you with tips and ideas how to create the perfect Easter table decoration!

What is important to know about the perfect festive table setting?

DIY easter decorations milk jar arrangement centerpiece


Table setting is a term used to describe a series of actions that include arranging dishes and cutlery, decorating meals, as well as the order in which food and drinks are served. It will depend on the type of meal you are serving – breakfast, brunch or dinner, on the type of occasion – formal or informal gathering, etc. It is important that the size of the table corresponds to the number of people who will sit at it. At the same time, people should not touch each other with their elbows, and in general, the diners should feel comfortable during a meal.

exceptional Easter Tablescape Ideas how to choose colors and accessories

A festive tablescape includes a clean ironed tablecloth, dishes in one color, cutlery, napkins, decorations as per the occasion. As we are talking about Easter, the traditional symbols of this holiday are:

  • colored eggs;
  • feathers and nests;
  • chickens and bunnies;
  • candles;
  • floral arrangements;
  • baskets woven from twigs, stylized nest and wreaths;
  • plants – tree branches, herbs and flowers.

Once you have determined the style and color concept for your festive Easter table decor, it is important that you stay within the same color scheme. All the charm of such tablescape is in its thoughtful and well-chosen selection of elements.

Outstanding Easter tablescape ideas – choose your color palette

Easter tablescape in contrasting white and blue colors

The main colors of spring and Easter are from the soft pastel palette. You know that each color has a special meaning, for example yellow is a symbol of joy and light, white is a symbol of purity and renewal while green symbolizes the strength of nature, renewal and freshness. Of course, each style has its own palette – natural colors are typical for Scandinavian, farmhouse and rustic styles, pastels are typical for French country and Shabby chic, white is the color of minimalism while modern decors feature combinations of white and gray or other more saturated colors.

Outstanding Easter tablescape ideas in contrasting colors

spectacular easter table settings contrast colors blue yellow


Bold color combinations look amazingly beautiful when balanced. When decorating the Easter table, you do not need to choose the brightest colors, combining them with even brighter ones. It will be better if the base color is as light shade as possible, for example ivory, white, cream, or light beige. This means that the tablecloth, napkins and flowers in the center of the table should be in one light color and the dishes and decor can be in bright colors like turquoise, purple, yellow, orange, etc.

White and blue combination is not considered as typical for the spring season. However, these colors look great and here is a stunning example for a brilliant Easter tablescape. When setting the table, you need to remember that all elements must be combined with each other. Use bright and contrasting lights and Easter symbols – chickens, eggs, etc. The opposite option is also possible – bright and colorful tablecloth and napkins and white tableware.

The beauty of pastel colors

Fantastic Easter tablescapes in pastel colors

Easter table decoration in pastel colors creates a very touching impression and demonstrates outstanding taste and knowledge about fashion trends in the world of design and decoration. The pastel palette, which is typical for the season, should be complemented with sparkling silver or golden elements, for example, napkin holders made of stainless steel or silver, figurines of bunnies or chickens, and you can also use a tea set in gentle tones with shimmering edging and paint several decorative eggs with silver or gold paint for the centerpiece composition.

Outstanding Easter tablescape ideas choose your color palette

Pastel shades are especially good because they can be combined with each other and there are no restictions how you will use them. The look of the festive table setting will not suffer from a variety of different pastel shades. For example, you can combine a light blue polka dot tablecloth and arrange dishes in a delicate lilac or light pink shade. Complement with a bouquet of daffodils, hyacinths of any color or a flowering branch in a vase with a delicate pattern and your outstanding Easter table setting is ready!

Accent compositions on a neutral background

spring flowers centerpiece for Easter table

You can let your imagination run wild and arrange a beautiful lush centerpiece from the first garden flowers – hyacinths, early peonies, freesias, tulips, daffodils, etc. Decorate the bright floral centerpiece with colored eggs, candles or gold elements for extra chic. A decorative nest woven from branches with colorful eggs in the center of the table on a beautiful light tablecloth with or without a pattern will look really impressive and appropriate to the occasion. Do not forget about Easter holiday symbols like figurines of pets, decorative painted eggs on stands, or cute silhouettes of rabbits for cutlery or glasses.

Outstanding Easter tablescape ideas – Unity with nature

natural colors Easter tabscape ideas place setting

Wooden figures, wicker, clay pots with plants or just glass vases in a rattan stand will make the festive table setting incredibly cozy and inviting and this is exactly what you need for a family holiday. A linen tablecloth and napkins in natural shades will look organic – choose light gray, sand, cream, light brown shades. Green and brown shades work beautifully together when you want to create a Nature themed Easter table decor. Natural colors can be accented with gold, pastel shades are also an option.

Harmonious color combinations

elegant Easter table ideas yellow and pink decorations

This method of festive table decorating is probably the optimal choice when it is necessary to please the tastes of all family members. You just need to gently and very carefully use different colors and shades. The fact is that excessive use of, for example, cool tones like blue-green, or dark purple can reduce appetite, and an abundance of orange, scarlet and bright yellow can look a bit aggressive. If you are not sure how to combine the shades for your Easter table setting, looking at a color wheel is a good idea. You can look at analogous, complementary or triadic color schemes and choose a theme as per the textile and decorations that you already have.

easter table decorating ideas natural colors

easter table decor ideas tulips as centerpiece

Easter table setting ideas blue yellow tablescape fresh flowers

how to choose the style and color of your Easter table decorations

pastel easter table decor place setting ideas

Superb Easter table decorating ideas bright colors

Outstanding Easter tablescape ideas – pay attention to details!

how to decorate the table for Easter

If you look carefully at the photos of these outstanding Easter tablescape ideas, you shall notice that the overall impression is based not only on the choice of style and colors, but on the choice of accessories and details. Place cards, napkin decoration, napkin holders, eggcups, flowers, centerpiece compositions – all of these have their role and importance for the final result.

Easter textile – tablecloth, table runners, placemats and napkins

beautiful Easter table ideas blue table runner and napkins

The tablecloth is the background of your Easter table decor. It can either set the tone of the decoration or act as a background of the selected colors. It is best if you choose light-colored tablecloths made from natural materials, with a clear weave of threads -cotton, linen, possibly jacquard. Easter is not the time for deep and dark tones like navy blue or dark green. It is better to cover the festive table with a white, cream, light green, pink, soft yellow or lilac or lavender tablecloth. You can choose either a solid color tablecloth or one with a pattern – polka tots, floral patterns, stripes, etc.

Superb Easter table decor ideas textile colors

The general rule of thumb is that if you selected a tablecloth with a pattern, the table runner should be in one color. Napkins can be made from the same fabric as the tablecloth or the runner. In some cases you can choose fabric in contrasting color, depending on the overall concept for the table decor. For example, white linen napkins with a spring themed print combined with a green tablecloth are ideal for decorating the Easter table. You can also choose one of the colors you like and use only its shades, but a harmonious combination of different colors with skillful design is also welcome.

Outstanding Easter Tablescape Ideas add spring mood in your home

How to decorate your Easter table if you want more fun? Use colored dishes, a tablecloth and napkins, and in the center of the table, place a large glass vase in which to put quail eggs wrapped in colored foil. You can even use chocolate eggs for the kid’s table.

The color and pattern of the tableware can be chosen based on how you see the overall impression. If you selected contrasting color combinations, you can place white dishes and vice versa – complement plain delicate textiles with interesting plates, bowls and dishes.

diy easter table decorations choose textile and centerpiece

easter table decorating ideas table runner and fresh flowers

Easter tablescape ideas blue and white colors

Easter tablscape ideas white and green color palette

outstanding easter table decoration ideas textile centerpiece tips

purple table runner festive Easter tablescape ideas

Floral centerpieces for the festive Easter table

DIY easter egg floral centerpiece ideas

Fresh flowers are an obligatory element of the Easter table decor. They symbolize the freshness of spring and the brightness of the holiday. When there is a choice of fresh flowers, decorating the table becomes an especially enjoyable experience. Color the eggs ahead of time to match your favorite flowers.

quick and easy DIY easter floral centerpiece ideas

It is good if the flowers are not too fragrant otherwise their scent will overwhelm the flavor of the dishes. You can find many inspiring examples of centerpiece compositions for the Easter holiday, combining the flowers with other symbols of the holiday.

quick and easy DIY easter table centerpiece ideas

You can use any type of glass or ceramic vases, transparent containers, wooden crates, baskets, tiered stands, jugs, flowerpots, etc. Mini bouquets in eggshell vases are the perfect decor for a small table. In this way the flowers will become a light and unobtrusive decoration that does not take up much space, but neatly complements the special Easter atmosphere.

adorable easter tablescape ideas DIY centerpiece compositions

DIY Easter table centerpiece ideas colored eggs and flowers

DIY Easter table centerpiece ideas spring flowers

DIY Easter table decorations awesome centerpiece ideas

DIY easter table decorations easy centerpiece ideas

Easter table centerpiece eggs and flowers spring decor ideas

floral centerpiece beautiful easter table setting ideas

pastel easter tablescape polka dot placemats floral centerpiece

spring flowers DIY table centerpiece Easter decor ideas

Easter eggs compositions for the festive table

DIY easter centerpiece ideas pink eggs and rose buds

Easter eggs are ideal for making spectacular table centerpieces. There are many ways to decorate with your festive Easter table with eggs. You can arrange them in beautiful dishes, baskets or transparent containers. Another option is to arrange them in a large nest or in small nests from willow branches. Combine the colored eggs with flowers. This option is perfect for an Easter holiday table.

Easter eggs are ideal for making spectacular table centerpieces

The option is a little more complicated for those who paint eggs in a minimalist style – one or two colors. Pick up a tablecloth, napkins, candles, and cutlery in the same colors used to paint eggs. The best options are red and orange, with a touch of green.

Easter egg centerpieces ideas DIY table decoration

easter egg centerpiece table decoration ideas

easter eggs and flowers centerpiece DIY compositions

Easter eggs compositions festive table centerpiece ideas

Easter eggs compositions for the festive table

Easter eggs in DIY nest table centerpiece ideas

quail eggs and spring flowers Easter table decorating ideas

Chicks, hens and bunnies figurines

cute bunnies Easter table decorating ideas

Figurines of chickens, hens and bunnies help create a festive atmosphere at the table. You can find such figurines in almost any store. They can be made out of wood, porcelain, straw, so you can match them with the general decor idea. Fans of DIY projects can simply cut out paper silhouettes of bunnies or chickens and put them on plates, for example. Another idea is to use chocolate bunnies as an element of the festive Easter table decoration. Kids will be more than happy!

beautiful easter table decor ideas DIY tree colored eggs bunnies

bunnies and colored eggs festive Easter table decorating ideas

bunny and carrots Easter table decorating ideas

cute bunny figurine easter table decor ideas

Easter daffodils colored eggs and chicks figurines table ideas

easter decorating ideas bunnies banner wreath

easter table decorations bunnies egg baskets and flowers centerpiece

easter table decor in pastel colors bunny centerpiece

Figurines of chicks hens and bunnies help create a festive atmosphere

lovely Easter table decorating ideas how to use figurines

super cute easter tablescape for kids

table decorations for easter blue yellow ideas

the best easter table decorating ideas bunnies spring flowers

Candles on the Easter table

outstanding easter table ideas bunny figurines candles

Candles and candlesticks will become a wonderful decor for the Easter table, while you can melt wax in a shell, insert a wick and create themed candlesticks with your own hands.

Candles and candlesticks wonderful decor for the Easter table

DIY Easter decorations pillar candles decorated with green strips of felt

DIY easter table decor eggshells and candles ideas

easter decorating ideas candles wreath and decorative eggs

easter table candle centerpiece ideas

easter table candles ideas

easter table decorating ideas egg shaped candles and flowers

Easter Table Setting Candles Garland bunny ears napkins

outstanding Easter table decorating ideas candle colored eggs

Quick and easy Easter table decor candles centerpiece


Enjoy the gallery and these outstanding Easter tablescape ideas below!

Adorable Easter Tablescape Ideas in Pastel colors

awesome easter decoration ideas blue table setting

beautiful and inspirational easter tablescape place setting ideas

diy amazing easter table decorations


easter tablescape ideas white pink setting

fantastic festive table setting ideas decoration easter eggs

fresh bright easter table setting ideas

how to decorate the Easter table inspiring ideas

Outstanding Easter Tablescape Ideas place setting tips

inspirational easter tablescape ideas

Easter Tablescape Ideas and Festive Spring Decor

Outstanding Easter Tablescape Ideas and inspirational photos

Outstanding Easter Tablescape Ideas breakfast brunch

Outstanding Easter Tablescape Ideas bright decor

Outstanding Easter Tablescape Ideas DIY festive decor

Outstanding Easter Tablescape Ideas how to decorate a spectacular table

Outstanding Easter Tablescape Ideas pastel colors

Outstanding Easter Tablescape Ideas spring mood

pastel easter table theme DIY spectacular tablescape

spectacular Easter Tablescape Ideas

spring and easter tablescape ideas white pink decor

spring and easter table setting ideas

inspiring Easter table decor ideas


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