DIY Easter Eggshell Planters and Vases Ideas – Home Decorating Ideas

by Kremy

When it comes to homemade spring decorations, DIY Easter Eggshell planters and vases ideas amaze us with simplicity, beauty and creativity.

DIY Easter Eggshell Planters and Vases Festive Home Decorating Ideas

Have you ever thought that you can make something beautiful from such a fragile material like eggshells? Well, nothing is impossible to skillful hands and we will show you how to turn a simple eggshell into an original mini flower pot or vase and create fascinating Easter decorations.

DIY Easter Eggshell planters and vases ideas – spectacular table centerpieces

Easter table decorating ideas mini bouquets in eggshells


With the onset of spring, the desire to renew, decorate and refresh the house appears and it is the inspiration comes from everything that recalls the arrival of the season and Easter, in particular. White bunnies, chickens, flowers and colored eggs are the symbols of the holiday and the homes are decorated with colorful accessories in sweet pastel shades. These colors are elegant and soft which gives a feeling of lightness.

beautiful eggshell vases diy easter table decorating ideas

Decorating the Easter table is always a great pleasure. This holiday is so special, it celebrates spring, new life, hope and re-birth. The weather is getting warmer and Nature offers us a plethora of tender blooming flowers. It is natural that we want to invite the mood in our festive décor and create a fresh and pleasant atmosphere at the table where all the family gathers together. DIY Easter Eggshell planters and vases ideas will help you create original decorations without spending a fortune on materials.

beautiful eggshell decorating ideas for easter

Looking at the photos in the gallery, you will notice that Easter eggshell planters and vases ideas feature both festive dyed or decorated eggs and white or brown shells. This allows you to create decorations that blend harmoniously with the rest of your Easter decorations. You can crack and empty the eggs first, and then use dye.

what can you plant in eggshells spring decor ideas


How to arrange your eggshell vases and planters? You can arrange egg cups as individual decorations on each diner’s place. Another idea is to put your mini vases in tea cups filled with moss, arrange them in egg cartons or create original centerpiece compositions. If you prefer eggshell vases, make sure that you arrange your spring flowers shortly before you display them so that the flowers are as fresh as possible.

What can you plant in eggshells?

mini eggshell planters succulent garden spring decoration ideas

Using eggshells as planters or for starting seeds is hugely popular among hobby gardeners and in addition, this is a great project for children. In this way kids will take part in decorating the home for Easter and enjoy watching their mini plants growing. If you do not know what to plant in your eggshells here are some ideas:

  • Almost all garden vegetables are suitable as starter plants in eggshells – grass seeds, watercress, wheat, onions, peas, etc.
  • Herbs like basil, parsley, thyme, mint and dill.
  • Violets and succulents with shallow roots feel great in small “pots”.
  • Bulbous plants – tulips and hyacinths – will be able to decorate the festive table already in the first spring days.

DIY Easter Eggshell planters and vases – fun holiday crafts for kids and adults

easter decorating ideas eggshell planters in carton

Eggs are a part of our everyday life and we can repurpose the shells in fantastic ways and use them for many creative craft projects. How to turn an egg into a planter or mini vase?

You will need:

  • Raw eggs, preferably extra large
  • Bowl
  • Egg dye, optional
  • Mini succulents or succulent cuttings, seeds, small bulbs, herbs, ferns, small cut flowers, etc.
  • Egg cups, tea cups or cardboard egg carton for your arrangement

succulent garden ideas eggshell planters home decor


Gently but firmly tap the small end of a raw egg with a butter knife until it cracks.

Carefully break the top portion of the egg with your fingers and remove the shell to make an opening.

Empty the egg, then rinse and dry.

If you want, you can dye or decorate the eggs in different colors. Let them dry again.

Your Easter Eggshell planters and vases are ready to be filled with water or soil.

If you make eggshell planters, make sure to poke a small hole in the bottom of the emptied eggshell for drainage. Fill with potting soil, plant your mini succulents, flowers, herbs or seeds and water sparingly.

If you are going to use the eggshells as miniature vases, fill them with water and add your spring flowers.

How to make eggshell hanging vases or planters?

easter window decorating ideas hanging egg shell vases

Eggshell hanging planters can be a fantastic Easter window decoration. They can be hung on the wall or on the chandelier above the dining table.

You will need:

  • Raw eggs
  • Colorful Ribbons
  • Fresh Spring Flowers
  • Scissors
  • Glue

diy easter window decorating ideas hanging egg shell vases step by step


Measure the desired height from the top edge of the window. Double this length and cut a strip of ribbon.

Carefully crack your eggshells and empty, then rinse and dry.

Glue the ribbon along the sides of the egg. To make sure that the glue has worked well, leave the eggs to rest for 2 hours in the cartonr and cross the ribbons at the top of the eggs.

Make a small bouquet of fresh flowers and leaves. Cut the stems so that the bouquet matches the size of the mini vase.

Carefully place the small bouquet in the empty eggshell mini-vase and fill it with water.

Continue making several eggshell mini-vases. You could personalize this project by making different combinations of decorative flowers, leaves and branches.

Hang the eggshell vases.


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