DIY Mosaic Easter eggs – beautiful and original decorating ideas

by Kremy

Do you want to decorate this year’s Easter eggs in an original way? DIY Mosaic Easter eggs look so interesting and intriguing! We have prepared for you some practical advice and inspiring photos of this type of decoration. Find out how to decorate Easter eggs quickly and easily with this simple technique!

DIY Mosaic Easter eggs original decorating ideas

How to use ordinary dyes in unordinary way? Every housewife knows how to decorate eggs for Easter and has a favorite method. After all, we learn this art from childhood, helping our parents to prepare for the holiday. But every year not only new dyes appear, but also dyeing techniques. There are quite interesting ones that make it possible to make the most beautiful eggs for Easter at home.

DIY Mosaic Easter eggs – budget friendly way to decorate eggs for Easter

original Easter egg decorating ideas


Every year when you boil the eggs, there are a few that crack. Do not panic! These eggs can be used in a surprising way when decorating the rest of them. You simply have to peel the broken egg on a towel, color the pieces of shell in various colors and let them dry well. If you decide to leave the other Easter eggs white, you can use the crackle pieces in your favorite colors, light or dark, to achieve the effect you want. But if you plan to color all the eggs, in order to achieve the mosaic effect, use more saturated paint for the broken shells. In this way, they will stand out better on the base color.

How to make Mosaic Easter eggs – step by step instructions

original easter eggs mosaic pattern decoration

You will need:

  • Eggs, hard boiled or blown out.
  • Egg dye
  • Mod Podge
  • Paintbrush

How to make mosaic Easter eggs


Peel the cracked egg, color the shells, let dry and set them aside for use in a few minutes.

Cover the egg you want to decorate with water-based glue using a brush and start gluing the pieces of multi-colored broken shells on top. Don’t try to arrange them perfectly, the best compositions are a bit chaotic! This job requires a little patience, but the end result is wonderful! It’s super easy!

Important note: This idea is for decorating non-edible eggs.

Who said that you need to be limited to only one color? A variation on the mosaic decoration is to use several colors. If you have already mastered a simple mosaic, it’s time to “upgrade” it. Color the shells in different colors so that you get a beautiful transition, and then cover the egg with them. Of course it takes time, but the result is worth it.


diy mosaic easter eggs ideas and technique

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how to make mosaic egg painted egg

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