How to Decorate Easter Napkins – 60 Awesome Table Decorating Ideas

by Kremy

How to decorate Easter napkins? Beautiful napkins are an important part of the festive table setting and as we all know – details matter greatly! Surprise your guests with exquisite Easter napkin decorations! There is no need to invest a lot of money or a lot of time. All you need is spring mood, creativity and some inspiration!

How to Decorate Easter Napkins 60 Table Decorating Ideas

Holidays are not only about delicious dishes but also a beautiful table which is the focal point and gathers the family members and friends for lunch or dinner. Textile like tablecloth, table runner and napkins make the table really festive. The truth is that you do not need a special tablecloth for every holiday. A plain white one is the perfect background for all occasions and the textile napkins will help to diversify the decor.

How to choose your tablecloth and napkins for your festive tablescape?

How to choose tablecloth and napkins for your festive tablescape


The tablecloth is not the only element of a festive table setting. Nowadays, you can decorate a table with only a table runner and beautiful placemats and there are many exceptional tablescapes to prove that. However, we have to admit, that when the table is covered with a tablecloth, the overall impression is more impressive and elegant. With or without a tablecloth, every table setting looks unfinished without napkins.

DIY Easter napkin rings easy ideas for festive table decor

One accessory can instantly change the entire look. You can transform an everyday table into a festive treat using napkins. Details should not be underestimated, because they emphasize the style and create a special mood. They must be chosen wisely, used with imagination, knowledge of etiquette and serving rules. As we said, it is not necessary to have a collection of napkins of all shapes and colors at home. Choose several basic sets that work with your existing dishes and tablecloths, or purchase napkins that are universal in color, size and material. Linen napkins are considered a more solemn option and are more often found at the festive table, while paper napkins are part of everyday life.

lovely eater tablescape yellow table runner purple napkins

When choosing a tablecloth and napkins for your Easter table setting you can choose either contrasting shades, complementary colors or a combination of shades of one and the same color. Contrasting shades for your napkins can be the accent color of your palette. However, if you decide to match the tone of the napkins with the tone of the tablecloth, make sure that this shade is also present on other elements of the table, for example, in dishes, candlesticks, decorations, etc.

Easter place setting ideas napkin decoration fresh flowers


If the color of the napkins may differ from the color of the tablecloth, the material must be the same. Most often, napkins are used in the setting of a festive table, so if you use a linen tablecloth, choose linen napkins, if your tablecloth is made of silk, then the napkins should be made of silk as well.

Pastel colors easter table napkin decorating ideas

With the help of a successful combination of tablecloths with napkins, you can create an amazing table setting using themed ideas for any occasion. For Easter, New Year’s Eve or Christmas, birthdays, weddings or anniversaries – there is an original decoration for every occasion. Properly selected tablecloth and napkins can decorate even the most ordinary-looking interior and emphasize the good taste of the hostess. Therefore when choosing these much-needed accessories, pay attention not only to their design, but also to the quality because they should delight you for more than one year.

How to decorate Easter napkins – tips and ideas

how to decorate easter napkins creative ideas for your table

Spring flowers, bunnies, eggs and baskets can be fantastic table centerpieces but they can be used as individual decor. Napkins can be folded like a bunny, bunny ears, lily, rose, cutlery envelope or a beautiful origami composition right on a plate. Folding napkins in various ways is a fun and rewarding pastime in which children can be also involved to develop their aesthetic taste, attentiveness and accuracy. However, there comes the question – how to decorate Easter napkins if you are not good at folding them? Let’s look at the ideas we have for you!

Use napkin rings

Easy DIY Easter Napkin Rings flowers

Rings can come with cutlery, tablecloths, or sold in separate sets. You can make beautiful rings from a satin ribbon, fabric, wood and any material that you have at hand that suits your Easter table decoration. This is a good way to emphasize the general theme and style of the holiday, but it is important to remember that any accessory works well only in the general ensemble. A twine with a spruce sprig instead of a ring will look cute surrounded by laconic Scandinavian aesthetics, but strange next to the graceful porcelain and gilding of a classic table.

DIY Paper decorations

Easter paper crafts ideas DIY napkin decoration bunny silhouette

Do you like bunnies, one of the main symbols of Easter? They are really cute and if you wonder how to decorate Easter napkins, get out your scissors and craft paper! Easter paper crafts are a lot of fun for kids (and adults). Cut out bunny silhouettes and tie them to your napkins. You can cut out only bunny years silhouette, decorate the cutouts with washi tape and attach the funny ears to the napkin ring for a positive emotion and atmosphere at the Easter table. Here is another great idea for you! Print out Easter egg coloring pages, get the children decorate them, cut them out and use them to decorate your Easter napkins!

Decorate your Easter napkins with spring flowers and twigs

how to decorate easter napkins with spring flowers

How about decorating your Easter napkins with blooming spring flowers and twigs? Daffodils, tulips, hyacinths, Lily-of-the-Valley, Lilac, Peonies – all of these are not only beautiful, but add a fresh touch to your place setting. You can simply tie a flower to each napkin with a silk ribbon, make a mini-bouquet for each guest or just decorate the napkins with tiny flowers or feathers.

how to decorate easter napkins bunny ears and pussy willow

Pussy Willow twigs with delicate buds make elegant table decorations. Tie one or more twigs to a napkin, complement with a silk bow or other spring decor.

How to decorate Easter napkins with colored eggs

original Easter napkin decorating ideas place setting

Of course, we have not forgotten about the traditional symbol of Easter – colored eggs. Place a decorative egg next to each plate, or decorate the napkins with a stylized copy. And if you love miniature things, attach tiny bird nests with eggs inside to napkins. Do you prefer eco and minimalism? Then use homemade nests instead of napkin rings.

Adorable easter table ideas napkin tulip ribbon quail eggs

Below are some examples of Easter napkin decorations that can be your inspiration for the coming holiday!


Bunny ears Easter napkin creative table decorating ideas

easy Easter table decor ideas how to fold bunny ears napkin

Beautiful easter napkins festive table decor ideas

easter napkins decor ideas spring table setting

original Easter napkin decorations

quick and easy easter table decorations place setting ideas

beautiful spring and easter table decorating ideas pastel colors

beautiful easter table ideas how to decorate the napkins

burlap and ribbons Easter napkins ideas table decorating tips

DIY bunny tail place setting easter napkin decorations

DIY Easter Bunny Napkin Rings cute table decorating ideas

DIY Easter napkin decoration ideas printables fresh greens

DIY easter napkin ring chicks table decor ideas

fantastic table decor ideas DIY Easter napkin rings ideas

DIY Easter napkin rings mini nests with colored eggs

DIY Easter napkin rings twigs and chicks

DIY quick Easter table decor napkin and greenery

Easter napkin decorated with yellow forsythia and quail egg

Easter napkin decorating ideas fresh flowers and ribbons

Easter napkin decorating ideas spring flowers ribbons

elegant table decorating ideas place setting napkins

how to decorate easter napkins easy and original ideas

How to decorate Easter napkins fantastic DIY ideas

simple Easter table decor napkin green twig


stylish easter table napkins decorated with flowers


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