Last-Minute DIY Easter Cards Ideas for Kids & Adults 2024

by Kristiyana

How to make last-minute DIY Easter cards for family and close friends? What ideas can be done both by kids and adults? 

last minute diy easter cards 2024 ideas

Are you already thinking about the places where you are going to stash your eggs for 2024’s Easter hunt? Or are you like me, and leave everything to the last minute? Preparing for Easter is a wonderful time when we think about all the traditions we are going to bring to the table once again for the big holiday, and how we are going to stock up on ideas for Easter baskets, gifts, and games! But we should never forget the adorable and festive Easter greeting cards! Want to get inspired by some last minute DIY Easter cards ideas? You’ve come just to the place!

Last-Minute DIY Easter Cards Ideas for Kids & Adults 2024

easy last minute diy easter cards ideas for kids and adults 2024

Sure, sending free digital Easter cards to your family and close friends is also an option, but for this year, I am thinking of putting in a little more effort and creating some cute DIY Easter cards with the help of my young niece! All the ideas listed here can be done both by young children and adults for a fun family activity during the weekend. For the materials, you might already have most items at home or can easily find them at your local crafts store! Let’s join the crafting party, shall we?

Colorful DIY Easter Bunny Face Card Idea

easter cards ideas for children

Assist your young children to create these adorable DIY Easter cards to gift to their peers at kindergarten!

What you’ll need: 

  • Plain white paper
  • Pink paper
  • Acrylic paints and brush
  • Black marker
  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Red yarn

Tutorial: Create the colorful Easter cards by first outlining a bunny face with the help of a pencil. Use an eraser if you happen to make a mistake. Once you’ve outlined it, carefully paint the background in different colors typical for the spring season. Let the paints dry. Then cut out a pink heart nose, and ears for the bunny and glue them to the face. Create the bunny’s eyes and whiskers with the marker. And for the final touch, make a cute ribbon out of the yarn and glue it beneath one of the bunny’s ears. Voilà! Super cute, right?

Hand-Painted Spring Flowers Easter Card

hand painted easter card

Or you can stand out from all the bunny card designs and create beautiful and colorful spring flowers cards?! Just let the designs come to you! For this DIY Easter cards idea you don’t need a specific tutorial, just pieces of paper or cardboard paper, acrylic paints and brush, and a dose of creativity! Give your kids the opportunity to create something of their own.

Bunny Family Easter Card Video Tutorial


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Surprise your relatives and close friends this year with these festive Easter cards featuring a charming bunny family! All materials you don’t have at home can be found at the craft store. Watch the quick tutorial provided by theworksstores to learn how to make them in just a few minutes!

Funny Handprint Birds Easter Card Idea

diy easter cards easy ideas for kids

Not only a charming Easter card design, but a lovely family memory as well – create these funny handprint birds Easter cards with your children!

What you’ll need: 

  • Yellow/orange/blue/green/ red cardboard paper
  • Black felt tip pen
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Pencil

Tutorial: Start the craft, by first outlining your child’s handprint with a pencil on yellow or orange cardboard paper. Cut it out. Create a two-page card with the blue cardboard paper. Outline grass and a flower stem from the green cardboard paper. Cut it out. Proceed the same for the flower head, and the rest of the card pieces. You can also outline a butterfly if you like. Glue all the cut out pieces as shown in the picture above. Create eyes and a nose for your birds. Write a heartfelt message at the top of your cards for your giftees. All done!

DIY Easter Cards for Toddlers 2024


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I couldn’t miss including this adorable idea! Another handprint Easter card to be remembered for days to come, enlist the help of your little toddlers to make one-of-a-kind holiday crafts in 2024! Watch the tutorial provided by bakerrossltd to see how easily they are done.

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Another delightful Easter card idea with a pink bow

easter cards 2024 children and adults crafts

Nothing more Easter-y than bunnies & bright flowers!

cute easter cards 2024

Or why not make an egg your centerpiece? Faux flowers would go great here!

easter card designs 2024

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