Folding Napkins for Easter Table: 4 Easy and Original Ways to Fold Napkins and Bring the Festive Mood!

by Anjelina

Gathering the whole family around the Easter table is an exciting experience that we all look forward to. In addition to preparing the festive menu, every hostess should think about how she will serve and decorate the table to create a cozy and festive mood for everyone. All this is not an easy task, so we’ve decided to share with you some great ideas for folding napkins for Easter table in an original way, which will surely put a lot of smiles on the faces of your loved ones.

Folding napkins for Easter table: 4 original ways worth trying

easter table set up bunny napkins easter eggs and pastry

Who wouldn’t want to set up a lovely festive table for Easter? The truth is, it’s all about the effort and care you put into the little details. And napkins are no exception, whether they’re cloth or paper. That’s why we want to share with you some amazing napkin folding ideas to bring Easter motifs and spring spirit to your table. We’ve prepared a few options that may seem difficult at first glance, but you’ll see for yourself that this is far from the case once you follow our detailed instructions for each variant. Let’s get started!

Easter bunny with an egg and minimalist decoration

simple bunny napkin idea for easter table


Our first idea for napkin folding is to try the simple Easter bunny, in which you can place a beautifully dyed egg and finish with some minimalist decoration of your choice that will just complete the cute look. This is actually one of the easiest ways to achieve a bunny-like napkin for Easter, and let’s face it – there’s probably nothing more suitable for this holiday than the furry friend that is loved by both adults and children. Prepare a square paper or cloth napkin, some twine and decoration of choice (optional). Follow our instructions below and look at the photos to help you even more!

how to fold napkins to make cute bunnies

  1. Unfold a napkin and place it on a flat surface (square shape is preferable).
  2. Fold it in half by grasping one end and bringing it together with its opposite one to form a triangle.
  3. Roll the napkin into a strip, starting from the right angle that forms into the triangle.
  4. Fold the roll in half, making sure to line up the bunny’s ears.
  5. Place an egg at the bottom where the fold is, and tie the napkin with twine just above the egg (so that you surround it like it’s in a nest).
  6. Place beautiful sprigs of a spring plant or other decoration to complete the look of the Easter napkin.

Easy napkin folding idea for a spring mood

spring mood napkin folding idea minimalist style

When we say it’s easy, it really is! If you like the beautiful white and blue napkins with spring flowers and twine pictured above, you’ll be more than pleased to know that they take no more than a few minutes to make. Especially if you didn’t miss our previous idea! Why? Can you guess for yourself? Well, the steps are exactly the same, you just don’t add an egg. Just tie the two parts of the rolled napkin together. We wanted to show you that you can let your imagination run wild and get lots of inspiration from our ideas, which you can improve or change to fit your style. You can rely on the patterns of the napkins you have selected, as well as the beautiful colors of the flowers you will add, to achieve an Easter mood at your table.

Carrot napkin folding: Video tutorial

Not only bunnies are an appropriate decoration for Easter, but also their favorite food – carrots. That’s why you can try folding your napkins into a similar shape, but make sure you pick the right colors for that. You will need square napkins – orange and green. The material they’re made of is not very important, but we recommend going for fabric ones for more effective results. Check out the video we’ve shared below to see how easy and quick it is to get this great addition to your Easter table!

Another Easter bunny napkin idea

easter bunny napkins to complete the look at the festive table

We give you another idea for making an Easter bunny from a napkin. In fact, this particular method is very popular lately and is very reminiscent of origami – so if you are good with folding, we recommend it. Indeed, the result is more than impressive. You need square napkins (cloth or paper) again, as well as some ribbon. Be patient and things will work out. Watch carefully the video we have shared to see exactly how to make the bunny, and you can also help yourself with the picture with directions below. We wish you wonderful moments with your family, and may the Easter spirit be in every home!

Folding bunny napkins for Easter – Directions

folding napkins for easter table directions origami bunny napkin idea

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