Short Hairstyles for Naturally Curly Hair Over 50: Let the Stylist Аccentuate Your Fascinating Curls!

by Snezhana Besarabova

Naturally curly hair is a fascinating possession, that has always been trendy and probably will always be. Though women over fifty, who have it, are sometimes in a puzzle with what kind of styling to manage their voluminous textures. Curls may cause some trouble, but they are extraordinarily versatile and may create a great look in all cases. Fortunately, for women with straight hair, who are in their fifties and want to attain curly hair, there are an incredible number of ways to do so. And their efforts will be rewarded with a fresh and youthful appearance. What’s more, a lot of elder ladies that decide to curl their hair, achieve a quite natural appearance. Look at the 11 versions of hairstyles for naturally curly hair over 50 that we’re showing you today and choose the one that fits you the best!

The trendiest styles for naturally curly hair over 50

the trendiest styles for naturally curly hair over 50

One of the frequent questions that stylists hear from women with natural curls in their fifties, entering the hair salon is: “What is the trend for curly hair 2023?”. Should it be a bob or a pixie one? In fact, all the variants have their trendy versions for curly hair.

A lot of curly-haired women in their fifties or older prefer short hairstyles, which they find easier to maintain. If your hair is thinner, the short version of a certain haircut may be just for you.

Classic short haircut

short hairstyles for naturally curly hair over 50 short and classic


This classic short haircut creates a dense texture of curls all over the head. The length is somewhere between a pixie and a bob, and is an ideal choice for elder women in their fifties or even older. This haircut accentuates the facial features, especially the upper part (eyes and forehead). And if you add some styling product for curly hair, your appearance will become even more exciting.

Freshness with curly bob

naturally curly hair over 50 curly bob

This style is the perfect option if your hair is short and the locks are not smooth. The curly bob freshens the whole appearance and looks so pretty. This is quite a suitable style to wear earrings, and the woman looks even more pretty with them, surrounded by the falling locks. The curly bob is ideal for both naturally curly hair and textures without curls, but acquired with the help of curling irons or heat rollers.

Youthful look with curly pixie

curly pixie haircut for women over 50 salt and pepper hair color

The curly pixie is a somewhat romantic and youthful hairstyle. It opens up the face, as well as the neck, revealing your smile. Curly pixie should be styled regularly, and also looks pretty good, if you choose to try some of the latest hair coloring techniques. Though, natural salt and pepper hair suits it quite well. Women who choose curly pixie, should know that it requires frequent maintaining and should be ready to visit their hairdresser monthly.

Up-do with curls

afro hair pixie cut with balayage


The summer days are closer, and you may be looking for an even shorter hairstyle that’ll look amazing, and, at the same time, will be light enough for the warm season. Probably, the messy up-do style with curls is just for you! It looks fantastic, if you have naturally fine curls.

Medium hairstyles for naturally curly hair over 50

short hairstyles for naturally curly hair over 50

These styles are excellent for elder ladies over their fifties, who wish to emphasize their femininity. They suit best women, whose hairs are not too thin.

Go free with shaggy layers

naturally curly hair over 50 the shaggy layers

The advantage of this hairstyle is the many layers that allow the curls to be managed, and the hair to look not so thick. Shaggy layers style is the perfect solution, if your hair is naturally curly and thick. As a result of this haircut, your appearance is changed dramatically, but you may leave your natural salt and pepper color of the locks. This easy-going hairstyle is quite suitable for actively working women in their fifties or older.

The ageless French bob with waves and bangs

french bob with bangs on wavy hair brunette natural look

The French bob with waves and bangs, so popular among the actresses in the old films, is truly ageless. It’s almost smooth at the top of the head, while the locks flow down, ending in pretty waves. The slightly curved bangs reach the eyebrows, underlying your eyes. If you choose this chic style with loose waves and curly bangs just above the eyes, you choose elegance. The style is ideal for businesswomen.

Long bob with a bold side part

long hairstyles for naturally curly hair over 50 deep side part

If you don’t mind changing your appearance in a bold way, you may go for a deep side-part style. The long bob with a bold side part allows the hair to go up on one side, revealing the forehead. This style is an ideal variant if you have naturally fine curls. What is more, it looks gorgeous when the hair is long. Though, it needs some more maintaining and styling.  The long bob with a brave dip side part would be a pretty change for the look of naturally curly hair over 50.


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