How to Recycle Egg Cartons? 23 Ideas for Children & Adults

by Kristiyana

How to recycle cardboard egg cartons? What to do with them? Decorations, organizer boxes, bird feeders, flower pots, cardboard animals and flowers, even furniture… Here is our selection of 23 super creative and easy-to-make ideas!

How to Recycle Egg Cartons?

easy diy for seniors

Eggs are an essential product in every family’s kitchen, but not everyone is lucky enough to have chickens in their garden. For anyone who buys their eggs in cardboard boxes, there are multiple ways to reuse them instead of throwing them away. Here is a list of 23 ideas! If you are a creative person, they can inspire you to do many more.

Recycle Egg Cartons: DIY Cardboard Furniture

make your own furniture from egg cartons


As you can see, to make furniture from egg cartons, you need a lot! Assemble them together and don’t forget the glue, which will make them even more durable. Additionally, you can attach a belt around the stool to make it even stronger and more stable.

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Biodegradable Flower Pot

biodegradable flower pot from egg carton

Instead of buying seedling pots every spring, use the egg cartons you collected over the winter. They are biodegradable and once you have transported your shoots into the garden, you can add the boxes to the compost.

Cardboard House: DIY for Children

make a fortress or a house for fish from recyclable materials

Collect all kinds of unnecessary items from your house and reuse them with your child. On the one hand, this will teach them to recycle and on the other hand, they will develop their creativity and fine motor skills.

Easy to Make Bird Feeder

easy to make bird feeder craft

If you don’t have a lot of time to spend on DIY projects, but want to attract birds to your yard, try making this super easy bird feeder. It can also help you attract squirrels to your garden.

Recycle Egg Cartons: Cardboard Photo Frame

diy picture frame craft with egg cartons

Even though it looks complicated, this photo frame is very easy to make. Cut out a rectangular piece of cardboard, such as from a shoebox. Then take plastic beads and glue them as shown in the photo. Next, make the flowers by cutting out an egg carton. You need two cups to make a flower that you will glue together once you have shaped the petals. Finally, spray paint with your favourite colour.

Cardboard Flowers: Daffodils from Egg Carton

how to make flowers from an egg carton

To make daffodils, cut two cups into four pointed petals before stacking them. In the centre, glue pipe cleaners or simply paint the centre orange.

Kindergarten Crafts: Cardboard Animals

how to recycle egg cartons easy craft kindergarten with pets

Grab the acrylic paints and spend an hour creating different animals with your child. It is a very educational Montessori style activity. You will also need coloured paper and fake eyes for the craft. The last item is actually optional. You can also draw them with a marker.

Make a Crocodile from Egg Cartons

how to recycle egg cartons to make a crocodile

Simple, but very attractive, this crocodile is made from two egg cartons. The first is necessary for the body and the second for the head. Glue fake eyes on top or create them out of paper. Use white paper to make the teeth. And of course, don’t forget the paint!

DIY for Seniors from Egg Cartons

scrapbooking for old people decoupage easy

This DIY project is ideal for seniors. It combines two techniques: scrap booking and decoupage. First, start by sticking the photo you want in the middle of the box. Then take cutouts from old clothes and glue them on top. The box can be used to store buttons, earrings, rings, keys or whatever you want.

Recycle Egg Cartons – 13 Video Tutorials

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