Decoupage for Seniors: Detailed Guide for Beginners + 10 Easy-to-Make Ideas

by Kristiyana

What activities can you enjoy as an elderly person? Discover simple, but truly impressive ideas that will strengthen your dexterity and cognitive abilities. Additionally, you can make amazing decorations for your home. So, without further ado, here is our guide to decoupage for seniors!

Decoupage for Seniors: Easy & Beautiful Ideas

crafts for seniors easy diy decoupage

Are you looking for an easy DIY for seniors? Decoupage is a very simple technique that is suitable for all ages. It is ideal for beginners too. Decoupage involves transforming an ordinary object — like a bottle or cardboard box — into something colourful and unique by gluing paper cutouts. This is a great way to reuse old items that you would otherwise throw away, like jars, bottles, canes, and even old furniture.

In addition, this manual activity develops fine motor skills and dexterity. Using your fingers to tear off tiny pieces of paper and placing them on objects with a paintbrush works your muscles and your brain. Decoupage is a simple activity that requires little concentration, which calms the mind and reduces stress, just like colouring pages. The colours and patterns of paper also stimulate certain areas of the brain, improving cognitive abilities.

What Materials to Use for Decoupage for Seniors?

how to do crafts for seniors



It is not obligatory to use paint for this type of craft. It is only necessary if you want to create greater contrast and a well-defined base for your designs. In this case, you will need acrylic paint for decoupage. Let it dry completely before decorating with paper.


There are several types of glue you can work with. Choose the one that seems easiest to use, or compare their prices:

  • Glue for decoupage (£9.99 for 500 ml)
  • PVA glue (£5.49 for 500 ml)
  • Permanent spray glue (£12.31for 400 ml)
  • Varnish for decoupage (£7.99 for 500 ml)

*There are many brands on the market, so prices can vary greatly. We have given you the average price based on online stores.


The choice of paper is vast, but the thinner it is, the better. For beginners, we recommend using napkins, as they are easier to work with. Then you can try with any other paper. Here are some ideas:

  • Wrapping paper
  • Magazines
  • Greeting cards
  • Fabrics
  • Silk paper
  • Rice paper
  • Non-textured wallpapers
  • Newspapers

Manual Activity for Seniors: 10 Beautiful Decoupage Ideas to Try

easy crafts for seniors with wooden box

The idea of this easy DIY is to give new life to an old wooden box. You can even gift it to someone after it’s refreshing. Glue the chosen paper or napkin inside to the bottom and lid of the box. Then use hot glue to glue driftwood to the outside of the box.

how to decorate plates with decoupage for seniors

Wondering how to reuse old plates? Paint them the colour of your choice (optional) and glue napkin cutouts to them. Hanging them on the wall is a great way to decorate a country house.

how to reuse jars easy diy for seniors

Here’s a great idea for reusing empty jars and bottles. Once ready, use them as a vase.

decoupage with glass bottles

Wine, olive oil or vinegar bottles can all be used for decoupage. You can even decorate plastic bottles.

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manual activity for seniors with reusable objects

Do you have a bird house in your garden or on your balcony? If it is worn out, do not buy a new one. Instead, freshen it up using pieces of paper. How to turn recycled material into bird feeders?  You can do the same with any other wooden object in your home.

how to decorate flower pots easily

Flower pots often fade when exposed to constant sunlight. So here’s a great way to freshen them up! As you can see, it’s very easy, because you don’t have to cut out the designs perfectly. You can do it even with your fingers. Of course, this is only possible with napkins, because they are very thin and you only use the top layer.

crafts for seniors easy simple diy

To create a rustic decoration for your house, all you need is an old tray. Take a napkin and some glue and use any type of brush to stick it on. You can also tie knots made of natural fibres from wild plants such as jute, sisal or nettle thread.

manual activity for 60 year old 70 year old woman

How to reuse metal cans? This is one of the best options available to you because it is really convenient. Using the decoupage technique, you can give them a colourful look to match your interior. Then use it to store your pencils, brushes or to store put items inside.

easy to do craft for 60 year old woman

As you can see, all the items you have at home can be recycled. If you have a cupboard full of cans and jars, it’s time to open it and give them new life. You’ll be ready just in time for the next holiday season. There’s nothing better than a personal, handmade gift.

how to reuse an old table with decoupage

Finally, we go even further with an idea for renovating an old table. Of course, you will have to paint it first. Then get creative and glue flowers, stars, birds or whatever you prefer to turn it into a beautiful decorative piece.

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