Boho chic bridal shower – venue, decor, menu and party favors ideas

by Kremy

Boho chic bridal shower ideas are getting widely popular and it is not a surprise, as the Bohemian style has returned in interior design, fashion, as well as wedding themes and for the last few years weddings in a vintage style, old interior items as decor and especially simple glass jars that use candlesticks are in high demand.


So, what is Boho chic style and why it is so popular nowadays? Bohemian style originated in the late 60’s as a mix of elements from different styles – rustic, gipsy, hippy, African ethnic motifs, Asian and European. The style is all about freedom, ease, creativity, flight of the soul, a fairy-tale. It may sound strange and bizarre, but bohemian style is incredibly romantic and at the same time very natural which makes it a perfect theme for an informal bridal shower party.

Boho chic bridal shower ideas – create a whimsical decor

how to organize bridal shower bohemian style


The best place for a Boho chic bridal shower is outdoors – whether on the beach, in a nearby forest, on a lake shore or in your own backyard – the trees, flowers and the natural beauty of Nature give you the opportunity to create the most picturesque decor. It is better to use natural fabrics, such as silk, linen, chiffon, burlap, velvet, bright ribbons, flower garlands, etc. Boho chic means a lot of light, so if you plan your event as an evening party think of candles, lanterns, string lights – the more the better as an abundance of light sources looks fantastic. Add different accents – Moroccan lanterns, Indian and gipsy accessories, glass beads, vintage porcelain, blankets, pillows, tablecloths, tapestries, carpets, etc. Rustic elements like faded tablecloths, embroidered napkins can be combined with expensive, luxurious materials like crystal champagne glasses. Decorate the table with field flowers, feathers, ribbons and other decorative items. Remember that the main feature of the Bohemian style is the use of natural materials such as wood, glass, stone or metal. You can choose a color scheme featuring one basic color, but the beauty of the Boho style is that the color palette, in general, is diverse and unusual. You can use a wide wood plank as a table and a lot of cushions or even tree trunks as chairs.

Boho chic bridal shower – menu and party favors ideas

boho chic bachelorette party table decor menu ideas

It is better to give preference to a buffet table with a variety of sweets and savories. Freedom of movement is one of the main components of the bohemian atmosphere. An abundance of vegetables, fruits, meat, grilled fish, different kinds of cheese, bread, sandwiches, cupcakes, pies with various fillings – there is no shortage of menu ideas for the perfect Boho chic bridal shower.

bohemian chic party favors bridal shower ideas

Boho chic bridal shower part favors feature a huge variety of options – from homemade jam, beautiful mini flower pots with succulents to handmade items like small crochet souvenirs or miniature embroideries. There is no limit, no strict rules and everything is allowed.

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how to organize a bohemian style bridal shower

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Bohemian chic bridal garden party table centerpiece ideas

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